Topic Index Of Selective Blog Entries:

Baptisms For The Dead:

Daniel Pearl - Jewish - Baptized Mormon by Romney's Mormons

Mormons Baptize The Holocaust Victims In Mormon Ceremonies (2/9/2012)

Mormons Paint Swastikas On Anne Frank's Grave (2/28/2012)

LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transexual) Issues:

9th Circuit Overturns Prop 8 As Discriminating Against Gay Rights

Evergreen: The Mormon Pray The Gay Away Machine Failure Explained (2/7/2012)

How Does Mormon Senator Ornery Hatch Feel About Gays And Lesbians

A Mormon Bishop Who Doesn't Blindly Follow The Pied Piper (2/9/2012)

Mormon Discusses The "Pray The Gay Away" Church Teaching On YouTube (2/7/2012)

Mormon Gate - Read About The Mormon Hatred Against Gays

Mormon Presidential Candidate Already Proposed Discriminating Against Gays And Lesbians (2/5/2012)

Mormons Wouldn't Allow Suze Ormond To Be Married If Flipper Has His Way (2/6/2012)


Is Mitty Flipper Romney A Good Puppet For Utah? (2/4/2012)

Church Utilizes The Mormon Hierarchy Of Racism (2/5/2012)

Mormons Mixed Marriages Equal Death - Racism Imbedded (2/11/2012)

Should Brigham Young University Drop It's Racist Namesake?

You Read: You Decide: Mitty A Racist Or Does He Truly Support Diversity (2/6/2012)

YouTube: Mitt Romney On Gay Marriage "He's A Flipper" (2/7/2012)

YouTube Videos: The Mitt You Are Not Permitted To Know (2/7/2012)

Romney's Mormon Cult:

An Insightful Article From CBS News: Why Mitt Romney Should Open Up On Mormonism (2/7/2012)

Better To Die Than To Be Raped And Lose Your Virginity (2/7/2012)

Flipper's Mentor Homophobe Packer Give "The Little Factory" Speech (2/8/2012)

How To Feel Unwanted In The Mormon Church - Caste System (2/8/2012)

Introducing Mitty Flipper Romney's Exclusive White Boy Club (2/4/2012)

Mormon Doctrine & Beliefs Summarized In Short YouTube Video (2/8/2012)

Mormonism Is An Optical Illusion - Good & Evil - But works of the Devil (2/28/2012)

Mormons Desecrate Catholic Shrines In The United States (3/3/2012)

Mountain Meadows: The Dangers Of Mormonism Revealed (3/6/2012)

Mormons Kill Innocent Civilians At Mountain Meadows (2/7/2012)

Way Too Funny: Boyd Kinsey Packer Institute of Reproductive Science - Press Release (2/5/2012)

What Does The Mormon Church Have Against Isreal And The Jewish People (3/1/2012)

Romney's Politics:

How Did Romney React To Boycotts Against Racism At BYU (2/29/2012)

Mitt Romney From His Own Mouth (2/8/2012)

Mitty Romney Is Against Single Motherhood - Threatens Excommunication (2/2/2012)

Romney A Bigger Threat Than Al-Qaeda? (3/18/2012)

The "Secrecy" Of The Flipper's Job Creation - Job Losses (2/6/2012)

A Vote For Mitt Romney Is . . . (2/3/2012)

Wash Post: Romney's Acceptance Speech: HILARIOUS (2/29/2012)

White Horse Prophecy:

The Mormon Prophet's White Horse Prophecy - Mitty's Hero Joseph Smith (2/10/2012)

Romney President Of All-White Cougar Club At BYU (2/11/2012)

White Horse Prophecy (3/5/2012)

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