Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mormon Mitt Sends Jobs To China, Americans To Unemployment Line

170 American workers are losing their jobs to China is December thanks to Mitt's Bain Capital boys selling out Sensata Technologies; the same plant where the American flag had to be removed per Romney's Bain Capital while the Chinese were in town being trained on the equipment.

Sensata workers living proof Romney's tough talk China worthless

Romney's Company Forces U.S. Flag To Be Lowered In Illinois

Mormons aren't interested in American jobs, in fact Mormons would rather have the average American suffering. For when someone is suffering a set back, like unemployment, death in the family, severe illness, those people are most susceptible for the Mormon Missionaries to infiltrate your lives - to offer their 'free' let me shovel your snow, rake your leaves, mow your yard, anything to put that proverbial foot in the door to prevent you from slamming it.

Has Obama, an American Christian, ordered U.S. flags removed for the Chinese?  Or has Romney, an American Mormon?

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