Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vol 3 Postponed Out Of Respect At Massacre Victims

by Timothy Lee Unrine

My sympathies go out to the unarmed men, women and children who lost their lives to gunfire:

William Allen Aden, 19 George W Baker, 27

Manerva A Beller Baker, 25 Mary Lovina, 7

Melissa Ann Beller, 14 David W Beller, 12

John T Baker, 52 Abel, 19

John Beach, 21 William Cameron, 51

Martha Cameron, 51 Tillman Cameron, 24

Isom Cameron, 18 Henry Cameron, 16

James Cameron, 14 Martha Cameron, 11

Nancy Cameron, 12 Allen P Deshazo, 20

Jesse Dunlap, Jr., 39 Mary Wharton Dunlap, 39

Ellender Dunlap, 18 Nancy M Dunlap, 16

James D Dunlap, 14 Lucinda Dunlap, 12

Susannah Dunlap, 12 Margerette Dunlap, 11

Mary Ann Dunlap, 9 Lorenzo D Dunlap, 42

Nancy Wharton Dunlap, 42 Thomas J Dunlap, 17

John H Dunlap, 16 Mary Ann Dunlap, 13

Talitha Emaline Dunlap, 11 Nancy Dunlap, 9

America Jane Dunlap, 7 William Eaton

Silas Edwards Alexander Fancher, 45

Eliza Ingrum Fancher, 45 Hampton Fancher, 32

William Fancher, 17 Mary Fancher, 15

Thomas Fancher, 14 Martha Fancher, 10

Sarah G Fancher, 8 Margaret A Fancher, 7

Robert Fancer, 19 Saladia Ann Brown Huff

William Huff Elisa Huff + two other sons

John Milum Jones, 32 Eloah Angeline Tackitt Jones, 27

John Milum Jones, 32 Newton Jones

Lawson A McEntire, 21 Josiah (Joseph) Miller, 30

Matilda Cameron Miller, 26 James William, 9

Charles R Mitchell, 23 Sara C Baker Mitchell, 21

John Mitchell, infant Joel D Mitchell, 23

John Prewit, 20 William Prewit, 18

Milum L Rush, 28 Cynthia Tackitt, 49

Marion Tackitt, 20 Sebron Tackitt, 18

Matilda Tackitt, 16 James M Tackett, 14

Jones M Tackitt, 12 Pleasant Tackitt, 25

Amilda Miller Tackitt, 22 Richard Wilson

Soloman Wood, 20 William Wood, 26

plus others unidentified -

Let us remember those whose lives were cut short on September 11, 1857, when a band of armed Mormons massacred 120 men, women and children at Mountain Meadows. The Fancher Wagon Train was estimated to be carrying at least $70,000, with some estimates at $300,000. Just out of coincidence the Tithing Room of Cedar City Ward had some sizable 'deposits' after this date.

The tragedy in Colorado needs everyone's sympathy and prayers, but will we forget the victims like America has forgotten the victims of Mountain Meadows?

What caused the Mormons to massacre these unarmed civilians? Mormon apologists say it was in retaliation for events in Missouri. But carrying the $70,000 is a huge amount of money for a wagon train; a winning lottery ticket on wheels.

But even today the Mormons refuse to open up their archives to outside scholars to research Brigham Young's role in ordering the massacre. Some reports have Brigham Young riding around in Salt Lake in a fancy wagon 'confiscated' from the abandon Fancher Wagon Train.

Mass murder isn't a modern side effect of the video games such as Call to Duty or even violent movies. Mass murder has always been around, like the Mormon murderers at the Mountain Meadows Massacre showed.

Timothy Lee Unrine

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