Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mormon Trolls Attempting To Censure Mormon Sex Scandals

Someone doesn't want this list on the internet, even though it was pulled from various internet sources.

I have posted this list three times on:

Why Many Mormons Are Fleeing

So why don't Mormons want a small list, and THIS is just a small list from an hours worth of time on Google, the tip of the iceberg on the Mormon Sex Scandals. So the problem must be worst than it is to have comments censured on the internet.

Mormons claim to be LED by Revelation - that Mormon God is pretty rusty on Revelation if he reveals that Shawn Merriman should be a Bishop - a ponzi scheme crook at the time that Revelation was revealed to pick Shawn as Bishop.

Mormon Revelation has chosen those sexual predators who represent offices in the church - a God-picked man who sexually assaults children. That is a faulty church, sticking to the grade school excuse of "I didn't do it; God did it"

False religion - definitely not a Christian religion.

I'm going to assume you are an intelligent, but for others, google Mormon Bishop, Mormon Bishop, LDS, Boy Scouts, molest, sex abuse and you can get a larger database of names that make the Catholic priests look like Saints.

But this is just a quick thirty minute list - the tip of the Mormon Iceberg of Sexually Abusing Children.

Lon Harvey Kennard, Mormon Bishop, sexually abusing up to six children

Eneudo Petit, Mormon Bishop, taking lessons from Joseph Smith, flees the jurisdiction, leaves the U.S. to avoid arrest for sodomy against a child and aggravated sexual abuse.

Timothy McCleve, Mormon Bishop, guilty of sexual abuse of children

John Baysen, Mormon Missionary, sentenced to 180 days in jail for molesting a girl and a young woman in his Ward.

Jack LaHolt, most notorious Mormon Scout Master for molesting boys, still has the record for the most molested.

Timur Dykes, Mormon Boy Scout leader, plead guilty to molesting 17 boy scouts.

Frank Curtis, Mormon Boy Scout leader and a Sunday School teacher, from 79 - 91 molested multiple boys in his leadership position in the Mormon church.

and let us not leave out the Relief Society

Susan Brock, sentenced to 13 years, along with her Relief Society daughter, for molesting (performing unwelcomed oral sex) on a 13 year old boy. I guess the boy wasn't into the
mother-daughter scenario.

Art Phillips, Mormon Sunday School teacher, fondling 15 year old girl, trying to take nude photos for child pornography.

Eric Patrick "Ricky" Avant, Mormon Boy Scout Leader, sentenced to 26 years for molesting boys over multiple years.

Richard Kenneth Ray, two different Mormon Bishops KNEW of Ray's past child sex crimes, but did not notify the Ward, or limit Ray's access to children. Sentenced to 61 years in prison, and the Mormon church settled out-of-court for it's knowledge and coverup.

Ryan Whitaker, Mormon Sunday School Teacher, sex with a 9 year old girl on Mormon Church property.

Just the tip of the iceberg, showing how most of these leaders come from callings whose names are given by revelation from the Mormon God.

So a Mormon Church is driven by Revelation from their Mormon God; mighty poor track record. Maybe if the Mormon God consulted the sex offender database the Mormon children wouldn't be exposed to so many perverts.


  1. THE MORMON CULT: RECYCLING SCOUNDRELS, CON-ARTISTS & FRAUDSTERS.The American people have a right to vet those among us who seek the highest office in the land. The Mormon Veil of Secrecy may fly in Salt Lake City, but let us remember, Romney is running for the Presidency of the United States of America not the Mayor of Mormonville, so he might want to stop behaving like Shawn Merriman, the other Mormon Madoff and turn over his tax returns. You know the ones, the ones that John McCain reviewed and then chose Sarah Palin as his running mate because "she appeared to be the better candidate." The American people thus have a right to review Mitt Romney's tax returns; his contributions to Joseph Smith's loony LDS Mormon Cult notwithstanding. This crap may fly inside certain circles in Salt Lake City but it does not fly in the rest of America.

    Why Mitt Romney Won’t Release Tax Returns: Perhaps it is because 1) The 100 million in Mitt's IRA came from the pension funds of the workers that were fired after Romney dismantled their companies, 2) Romney was involved in Swiss Tax Evasion Scandal of 2009 and 3) he paid NO TAXES in certain years.

    "While 19th Century con-artist, convicted fraudster and polygamous pedophile, Joseph Smith, the founder of the LDS Mormon Cult, was in jail awaiting trial, an armed mob of men with painted faces stormed the jail and shot him and his brother Hyrum to death". June 27, 1844 marked a turning point for the Latter Day Saint movement, of which theego-maniacal prophet, Joseph Smith was the founder and leader. When he was attacked and killed by a mob, Smith was the mayor of Nauvoo, Illinois, and running for President of the United States. He was killed while jailed in Carthage, Illinois on charges relating to his ordering the destruction of facilities producing the Nauvoo Expositor, a newspaper whose first and only edition claimed Smith was practicing polygamy and that he intended to set himself up as a theocratic king." In short, they were right. Smith did not want that information getting out so he tried to shut down the free press.

    Mitt Romney, also a prolific LIAR, wants to be king and much like the ego-maniacal prophet, Joseph Smith he too hopes to rise to the leadership of this nation while defrauding the heartland. Romney will not hang in these times for his endless shape-shifting or his sense of elitist entitlement that allows him to operate under the mistaken belief that he also need not be truthful with the American people simply because he poses as some moral man of god who is a Bishop in the Mormon Church. Joseph Smith, Shawn Merriman and Mitt Romney, ah the wonder of the Mormon Church, otherwise known as the LDS Mormon Cult, for its ability to recycle the con generation after generation in the former of yet another white, blue-eyed devil. Bernie Madoff has nothing on this trio of dishonest ego-maniacal scoundrels, all blessed "men of god" in the Mormon Cult.

  2. Guess what! I'm a Mormon! No, I did not just fall for it because my parents told me to. My parents aren't even Mormons. I joined of my own free will, after a great deal of study and prayer. It's been forty years now and you know what I've learned? That Mormons, like others, are HUMAN! EVERY groups of humans contains some bad eggs, and a few totally rotten ones. If you judged every group the way you've judged the Mormons, there wouldn't be a single group of people that would not be considered to be rotten to the core. You both must certainly belong to SOME kind of group. Is everyone in those groups wonderful, kind, thoughtful, selfless and giving? If you say there are, then I will know that you are hypocrites and liars. If you are truthful, then you obviously know some who are dishonest, or abuse their wives and children, or have stolen, or cheated, or taken advantage of someone, etc. etc.

    All I ask is that you extend the same respect for my group of people as you do your own. Is that too much to ask? Whatever church you belong to, or whether you don't believe in religion, I promise that I would never offend you like you have offended me.

  3. The united States will be torn apart into 5 regions in the year 2035. The book of Mormon,the Bible are not documentations of the past but are warning signs and guidelines for the future war.

  4. Ever hear of Sodom and Gomorrah ? ? ? That's what happens to people who are gay,alright. The Lord really wasn't too pleased with the same, as a matter of fact, he rained fire and brimstone down upon those cities and every one of their inhabitants to the point where those areas have NEVER been inhabited again. So, OK, go ahead and go to your "Gay Pride, Parades," and socials, walk around holding hands --- Adam and Steve --- but REMEMBER, G-d himself SAID, " I will NOT be mocked." So, you may as well ENJOY IT while you can, because your own PERSONAL "Sodom and Gomorrah" are coming, probably sooner than you think..... C.H.