Monday, June 11, 2012

By Withholding Priesthood From Blacks - Mormons Sentenced Blacks to Vietnam

Disparity of racial sacrifice in the Mormon Church during the Vietnam War.

Every knows about how Mitt Romney, a white Mormon, ducked the draft during the Vietnam by hiding in Stanford, going to France for 2 1/2 years, then going on more deferments to Mormon heaven-on-earth Bigot Young University.

But what is not mentioned is the Black Mormons, those not priviledged enough by the Mormon God to be born White.

Blacks were withheld the priesthood, that is well known.  But what does that mean for the Black Mormon men and the Vietnam War?

Black Mormons, not be worthy to be Mormon Priests, were unable to secure those lucrative deferment for being Ministers of Religion.  Therefore, Black Mormons had to fight the war in Vietnam, while White Mormon men knocked on doors, laughing about the black man dying in their place, laughing about the curse of cain, which saved White Mormon boys from the draft; but not black Mormon boys.

To die because of race.  To die because of religious bigotry.

White Mormon boys knocked on doors, and maybe were spit on, or had doors slammed in their faces.  REAL hardships and danger.  Oh, and occasional dog bites.

Black Mormon boys had to be draft eligible, go to Vietnam, fight in the rice paddies, be exposed to poisonous snakes - which won't earn you a Purple Heart, but the deaths via poisonous "serpents" in Vietnam took many lives.


Romney thinks it was fair.  He didn't have to fight and die.  Black Mormon boys die instead.

But when the Mormons were forced to give blacks the priesthood, or lose their tax exempt status, Mormon Romney was on TV  and reminiscenced about the exact moment he heard about blacks being granted the priesthood.  His speech matched many Mormons "I remember exactly where I was (add location) and I wepted. All these years I felt like God should grant blacks the priesthood...yada..yada...yada..."  Gordon Hinckley gave the same memorized speech on national TV.

What White Mormons really wanted to say in 1978 - glad the Vietnam War ended three years ago, those blackies would steal some of those limited deferments for Ministers of Religion.

So I also see why Romney hates a black man sitting in the Oval Office.  I have heard that the Mormons have extensive inventories of Lysol for disinfecting the Oval Office, the White House residence, the Beast (Limo for the uninformed), Air Force One, and Marine One.

Looking back at pictures of the First Presidency, the Quorum of Twelve Apostles, the Presiding Bishopric, and the First Seventy - shows that Mormons are become very inclusive racially since 1978.  The pictures look like a gathering of the KKK, the ruling Mormons are all Elite White Boy Only Club members - no blacks need to submit.

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