Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Draft Dodger Romney Dares To Make Memorial Day Speech

I brought this over from my facebook page:
I want to answer a Mormon's Veteran's message:

D Hyrum Vaughn

Greetings sir,

I am writing about a comment you made on the Mitt Romney page earlier today. You said that he was not a veteran or didn't join the military (to be honest I don't remember exactly how you worded it) because he was a Mormon and Mormons won't join the military because they're yellow.

I happen to be a member of the Churc...h of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (or Mormon Church if you will) and a veteran. I take some exception to having my patriotism, service to country, and Americanism discounted because you and I disagree ecumenically.

I understand and respect that everyone will not view my religious views in the same light as I do and I certainly am not here to proselytize to you. You are very secure in your beliefs and I respect that. I also assume that you are a fellow vet.

I do not appreciate a fellow veteran discounting my service to my country because of where I attend church. I fought for the right to worship, or not, where I choose just as you did. By calling all Mormons yellow (or having a yellow stripe in their spine) and saying that their religion is why they won't fight in a war or join the military is quite simply inaccurate at best and slanderous at worst. Again, I know you don't agree with my religious views--and that's okay. But please don't ever question my patriotism or willingness to die for this country that I love. Thank you

SFC David H Vaughn
US Army

And my response.

This did start after the B.S. statements that flow from Mitt Romney's facebook page over his thanking veterans for their sacrifice, without acknowledging his own cowardice or those of his five boys.

Romney does show how Mormons are willing to serve if they want to, but not willing to serve if drafted.

So I'll stick by my statement.

How many REAL AMERICAN names are on the Vietnam Wall? Names that are there because some yellow Mormon like Romney, used a Missionary exemption, more widely than any other religion, to have some non-Mormon poor black man fight and die in a Mormon's place.

Mountain Meadows will forever show Mormon cowardice.

Romney's draft dodging while chasing Ann's A S S, getting kicked out of Stanford, serving in France longer than normal, until Ann's Dear John Letter arrived.

So as long as Mormon veterans don't see a problem with a Vietnam Draft - Dodger, who protested in favor of the WAR, which makes it worse, saying how much he appreciates the sacrifice of those died (so he wouldn't have to), I can't see any Mormon with nothing but a Yellow backbone.

When Mormons are represented by a draft-dodger, Mormons have to expect the consequences.

If that bothers Mormons so much, go to DC and visit the wall, and count how many non-Mormons died so that cowardly Mormons, by the thousands, were exempted so they could knock on doors during the Vietnam War.

The problem with Mormons today, Romney is your poster child.

Unless Mormons speak up about the way special Mormons (those of means) first went to college to avoid the draft, then if they have had trouble with grades, and quit Stanford like Romney did, runs off with a Missionary exemption to evade military service.

Mormon Veterans, if they want respect, they need to challenge someone wanting to become Mormon Commander-in-Chief who protested for the Vietnam War, but refused to serve.

If a person's ancestor was Benedict Arnold - those individuals have to work harder to prove themselves, for their family name is forever linked to it's past. Mormons are forever linked to Romney's cowardice.

Vietnam Draft Dodgers have no business making political statements on Memorial Day. That day is reserved for those who fought and died for our country. Not for statements of those who fled our country during the war.
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    • Timothy Unrine I had to dig through over 1,000 comments but here was the original comment regarding Mitt thanking Veterans on Memorial Day: "A draft-dodging Mormon who let a REAL American die in Vietnam while rich white boy was knocking on doors in France - - you are an embarrassment - Mormons have no morals. Leave Veterans alone, you don't have a right to talk about veterans you draft dodger."
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