Thursday, May 24, 2012

Do Stoplights In Salt Lake City Work The Same As In America

"Is Mitt Romney a good example of what we expect in a leader?  Do we want a president who has never run a business, or have we had enough of that?  Go to Salt Lake City, where many Mormons live.  You'll find that stop lights work the same as in any other city.  They put their shoes on the same way as everybody else.  I don't care what book they read when they were children." by Lloyd Olson, Webberville, Texas.  from USATODAY, Letters:  Judge candidates on ability to lead, not religion.  May 23, 2012.

"With no marriages outside the church, zero tolerance of homosexuality and very little coffee, the L.D.S. worldview would positively smother most Americans.  It might be smothering most Mormons; Utah's antidepressant use makes it one of the most medicated states in the country."  From the New York Times, It May Look Good On Paper, by Ian Williams, January 30, 2012.

"The number of suicides in Utah continues to climb, making it - once again - home to one of the highest suicide rates in the country.  According to preliminary data from the Office of Vital Records and Statistics, 495 Utahns took their own lives in 2011, compared to 455 in 2010."  From the Salt Lake Tribune, Utah has one of the highest suicide rates in nation, by Julia Lyon, Feb 19, 2012.

"Utah suicide rate is the 10th highest among all states in the U.S." from the Utah Department of Health, Utah Health Status Update:  Suicide in Utah.

"Utah's suicide rate has been consistently higher than the U.S. rate for the last decade.  A recent CDC study found that in addition, Utah has the; 8th highest adult suicide rate in the U.S.; 12th highest teen suicide rate in the U.S.; 14th highest older adult suicide rate in the U.S.; from Utah Department of Health, Violence and Injury Prevention Program.

So stoplights may work the same way in Salt Lake, but in Mormonville, not everything is all rosy like the Romney Mormons want American to believe.

Why the high rate of anti-depressant usage among women?  Is it the pressure of being Mormon women, barefoot, pregnant, in the kitchen without a voice or opinion?

Why the high suicide rate?

Sure, Utah isn't 100 percent Mormon.  The smallest counties have 35 percent Mormon, the highest is 75 percent.

I'm sure BYU Professor Judd could perform from PhD Mormon Magic and show that the suicides are all non-Mormons, and that if they only attended Mormon church, and were Temple-worthy, then they wouldn't be killing themselves.

But then does anyone believe what a fake PhD from BYU says, who changed the Mormon divorce rate from 24 Percent to 6 percent.  Afterall, Judd has a job that involves not biting the hand that feeds him; and the Utah prophet pays him (BYU is MORMON OWNED) to say only that which supports Mormonism.  Other BYU professors have been fired for heresy for telling the truth.

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