Friday, April 20, 2012

What Constitutes Being A Nazi Mormon

This is a re-print of a 2/12/2012 posting, but I felt it proper to repost to highlight this type of Mormon.

Here is the full link, Five Kinds Of Mormons by Robert Kirby, below is just an excerpt:

. . . .

Nazi Mormons believe that BYU is not only Gods university, but that He is somehow also an alumnus. Nazi Mormons hang flags, wear badges, and sport license plates, all adorned with a block letter "Y"-known in LM circles as the "Mormon swastika".

Five years in the cult, and if I had a dollar for every mention or display of BYU, I'd be a millionaire without having to put people out of work.  Reminded me of my Army days, when in one Troop for almost a year, the Captain and three of the Lieutenants were West Point, and that was all they talked about, to the point of ostracizing the lone non-West Pointer Lt.

NMs are prone to long winded and weepy testimony meeting claims about things that cannot be proven either in the world of science, logic, or even the scriptures. Roughly 45 percent of testimony meetings, Church-wide, are taken up by the NMs, claiming they were spared a particular trial by virtue of their garments, a rolled up copy of the Ensign, or the influence of a junior high school seminary teacher.
I quit going to Testimony Meeting.  It seemed that all it really entailed was telling everyone some "story" of how God intervened and saved them, God whispered to take a different road, God whispered and said you are almost out of gas, God whispered and said if you want to get out of the garage with the door opener broken, used the tire jack - I guess that garage didn't have a regular door.

I escaped from the fire, with burns only where my garments didn't cover - - I think they have some website to look up for testimony examples.

Tears, tears, and more tears.

. . . .

. . . .

NMs pay tithing based on their gross income, including the things they receive from the bishop's storehouse. NMs are also big on blessings-not so much the actual blessing itself but rather the attendant sub-ordinance of telling everyone about it.

. . . .

NMs not only believe everything a general authority utters, they will frequently take these counsels and improve on them. For example, if no single dating until the age of sixteen is good, no single dating until eighteen is even better.

Well, that statement is true,until the General Authority's statement becomes an embarrassement, even if it is the Prophet - then the disclaimers come -  they don't speak for the cult, even though they are high mucky mucks, their statements, if they embarrass us as Mormons, are not enlightened - - but until they are embarrassing, it carries more weight than Moses gave to the Ten Commandments.

Funny how even statements by the Prophet show he isn't enlightened.  For an official statement from the prophet to be official revelation it has to be announced as a revelation, reviewed by the Apostles, then announced to the cult.  Funny that the Prophet has to answer to the twelve apostles, when the prophets of the Old Testament, and New Testament (John the Baptist) answered only to God.

Imitative to a fault, NMs are prone to adopting what is known as "the general authority lilt" when offering prayers or testimonies. While apparently an imitative effort to sound spiritual, in reality it merely serves to make them sound like Fred Flintstone with his calling and election made sure.

Definition of lilt - not an often used term - a live and cheerful manner of speaking.


The author is using NAZI in the sense that one follows a Supreme Leader blindly, the Supreme Leader can do no wrong. These are the dangerous members of the Cult of Mormonism.

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