Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Romney - Draft Dodging, Racism, Chasing Ann

The embedded video covers several topics:

Romney ran away from the Vietnam War to do "Missionary Work" in France.

(Now he stayed thirty months, when 24 months is typical, but then Daddy couldn't have him come home early and qualify for the draft again).

Romney receives a Dear John letter from Ann, who is now attending BYU and dating the second most eligible Mormon on BYU.

Romney returns from his mission, forthwith, the attend BYU and save Ann.

Romney at BYU supported the racist policies of the Mormon church and BYU, especially when it came to the collegiate boycott of BYU athletics because of Mormon racist policies.

A Man of integrity?  or just chasing tail?  Remember, Mitt left Stanford because he was spending too much money to visit Ann as often as possible, so his studies suffered, which meant his draft eligibility became a question.

But no worry, Daddy saved Romney and sent him to France to be a missionary - it is nice to be both politically connected, and Mormon connected, when leaving Stanford would have eliminated the draft deferment from Romney = but we never claimed the Flipper was smart, just horny.

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