Monday, April 2, 2012

Romney Asked Utah For Permission To Be A Pro-Choice Candidate To Get Votes

It has long been suspected that Romney and his Mormons would develop an image for Romney that makes him appear to look credible and vote worthy to more than just Mormons.  But to do this, meant that Romney had to temporarily abandon his religious positions to win these votes, and to avoid excommunication issues, he received the blessing of the Mormon cult elite leadership to fool the American voters.

Mormons are Pro-Life, against abortion, but the Pro-Choice lobby and it's voters have a huge impact on elections - so of course, Romney the Mormon pretends to be Pro-Choice to "steal" American votes - Mormon Morality.

Mormons are against homosexuals, same-sex marriages, and regularly excommunicate practicing homosexuals from their cult, including disfellowshipping them - shutting them off from family contacts.  But for Romney the Mormon to be more Gay-friendly in courting the LGBT vote, Romney and his Mormons are attempting to paint Romney as Pro-Gay - citing his position on gay marriage in Mass - - but was it to pave the way to the White House to appear Pro-Gay when he really wants them just sent to Evergreen for deprogramming to pray the gay away.

Christianity Today ran an article that exposes Romney and his Mormons as the Wolves in Sheep clothing that Mormons really are:

I will leave you with further evidence cited by Steven Stone of Renew America:
“ *For a glimpse into the way Mitt and Mormon leaders have evidently collaborated in politics in the past, so we know what to expect in the future, consider the following excerpt from William Saletan's article "The Conversion."

It describes how Romney obtained the approval of the church's highest leadership to profess to be pro-choice in his 1994 U.S. Senate run in Massachusetts:
Romney [told the Brethren that, based on a poll,] if he didn't frame his position as pro-choice, he'd lose. Many of the church leaders were unhappy with Romney's formulation. But if they wanted him in the Senate, this was the best they were going to get.

[Upon returning to Boston,] Romney talked [with] Judy Dushku, a Mormon feminist, [who later said]:

"I went to his office and I congratulated him on taking a pro-choice position. And his response was Well they told me in Salt Lake City I could take this position, and in fact I probably had to in order to win in a liberal state like Massachusetts. ...I know that I have to take that position."

Full Article In Christianity Today

Who is the real Mitt Romney, what policie will the real Mitt Romney take to the Oval Office and unwrap after stealing votes by deceit?

Christians can not in good conscience vote for any Mormon candidate for any office.

Mormon Morality is nothing but lies - say and do anything to get a Book of Mormon placed in every home, in every embassy, in every country - - a bad reputation will develop about Americans under a Romney Theocracy.

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