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Mormons INSIST their divorce rate is 6%: Experts have it at 24%: Why Must Mormons Lie?

BYU Appears To Be LGBT-Tolerant

A funny thing happened on the way to the "market" today.  I started off reading more dis-information coming out of Bigot Young University over their tolerance to LGBT members on their Bigot campus, under the "Do Ask, Do Tell, Don't Do" Tolerance Policy.  Reading through the comment section on one of the blogs, I came across someone blowing the horn of Mormon Morality.

Utah Number One In Anti-Depressant Use

So, while I was already aware, that on a per-capita basis, Utah has the distinction of having the highest use of anti-depressants.  But with doctor patient confidentiality, we are left to choose which side of the fence uses the meds.  With Mormons roughly 50% of the state's population, we could attribute half the anti-depressants to Mormons, and half to non-Mormons.

Or, the Mormons would say they have the gospel, and are happy, and don't need the anti-depressants.  So they attribute one hundred percent of the anti-depressants to non-Mormons not being happy with their sinful lives.  (Maybe depressed from having pesty little Leave It To Beaver, mini-Pope wanna-bes knocking on their doors "selling" Mormonism.)

Then to be fair, there are those of us who say the Mormon women are using all of the anti-depressants.  They are trapped in Mormonism, where women are devalued, opinions aren't welcomed, ordinations aren't allowed, they are expected to pop out babies faster than a harvest.  They can't trust any other Mormon woman with information that they aren't happy with life, having been a stay at home Mom, and no idea how to survive outside of Mormonism.  That is definitely a sign of future anti-depressant use.

Utah Tied For First With Mississippi In The Most Use Of Internet Pornography

The statistics on the anti-depressants were tied to the statistics on the use of Pornography.  Guess what?  Utah leads the nation, well tied with Mississippi in accessing pornography. Now the professor that conducted the survey had to base the survey on joining pornography sites where registration by credit card is provided, and with a broadband connection.  The study recognizes that there are many free pornography sites that require no registration, but the paid viewing shows people willing to spend roughly $20 to $40 per month to belong to just one site.

Just FYI, the porn rate for Utah was 5.47 per 1,000; the lowest state was Montana at 1.92 per 1,000; the national average was 3.6/1,000.

The study by a Harvard Professor of Economics, Benjamin Edelman, published in the Journal of Economic Perspectives, concluded that residents of Utah purchase online pornography at a higher rate than the rest of the nation; even though they portray themselves as wholesome, family oriented people.

To supplement the professors report, a Deseret News Reporter, Lee Davidson, in 2007 conducted his own study on search terms, and found that people in Utah search "topless," and "pornography" just as often as "Jesus Christ," and "home storage."

Dr Theresa A Martinez, Professor of Sociology at the University of Utah, commented on the Utah pornography study and said:  "The forbidden is really tempting where you have a culture that is known for family values, morality and apple pie, you will have curiosity and interest in the forbidden."

But then maybe says it best:

"When it comes to porn use, the religious only consume less on Sundays."

Mormon Professor Judd Modifies Mormon Divorce Rate From 24% to 6%
(That is that "new" BYU mathematics that Mormons are taught)

This brings me to the big Mormon lie that the Mormon Divorce rate is 6%, when it is really 24%?

And to use the actual Barna Research Report that shows the Mormon divorce rate is 24%, but then to go on and quote the report on Baptists, Atheists, Agnostics, and others, but offer the "Mormon Morality" statistic on Mormon divorces.

The Barna Research report comes from a company that coined the term "theolographics," they specialize in religous polls, with over twenty five years experience.

The sample size was just under 4,000 with a margin of error of +/- 2 percent.

Before Romney's Mormons Mormonized the report, Barna reported:

Divorce Rates for:
  • 34% - non-denominational religions
  • 29% - Baptists
  • 27% - born-again christians
  • 24% - Mormons
  • 21% - Atheists/Agnostics
This is just a sampling of the entire report.  But the National Average is 24% - the same as for Mormons.

The Serpent beguiled Eve, like the Mormons beguile non-Mormons with their high and mighty arrogance.  So the Mormons found a professor from Bigot Young University, Daniel K Judd, to present a tarnished version of the divorce rates among religions report.

Mormon Judd's tarnished summary is:  6% of Mormons who marry in the Temple, subsequently get a divorce (unsealing) in the Temple.  And then this report is quoted by all other TBM as:

"The Mormons have a divorce rate of only 6 percent, compared to the national average of 24 percent, so our family values must be doing something right."

Propaganda by any other name is a report from a BYU professor.

Growing up watching the evening news, I was raised on the saying "figures don't lie, but liars figure."  and that is a true statement.

So how do the Mormons produce 6% out of 24% - divide by 4?  If it was that easy.

Manipulate the data, by adding "variables."

The 6% is based on Mormons Married in the Temple, who get a Temple Divorce (unsealing).

So there are Mormons who only have civil marriages, and don't go to the Temple for whatever reason, and get a civil divorce - - Mormon Judd wouldn't count those numbers, it would SKEW the results.

And then there are the Mormons married in the Temple, who don't get a Temple Divorce, but go for only a civil divorce.  Mormon Judd doesn't count those - it'll SKEW the results.

Mormons who get married in the Temple, get a civil divorce, and then the MAN remarries in the Temple, is counted as Marriages TWO, Divorces ZERO, by Mormon Judd.  It has been mentioned in several blogs that men can still get "polygamy" marriages in the Temples, if they have a civil divorce, and it is within scripture.  Women, need to get a Temple divorce before they can get another Temple Marriage.

The final category, since the opposite of 6% divorce rate, is 94% still married rate assumption.  With the stigma of a Mormon divorce, how many married Mormons are really separated, and not living in the same household.

So it is easy to divide 24% by 4 to get a 6% we Mormons are better than you Divorce Rates.

Pride - isn't pride a sin?

"The survey found that Mormons, who emphasize strong families, are near the national average of 24%"  as reported by The Associated Press on December 30,1999.

So when the True Blue Mormons on the internet tell a person to go to the Mormon cult's official websites, to visit a Mormon cult service, or talk to a Mormon missionary to get the answers to their questions and concerns about Mormons:


Mormon Morality allows Mormons to lie if it is to cover up an embarrassment of the cult - don't air the cult's dirty laundry in public position.

As we have shown:

A 25 year old company specializing in religious polls, with no set agenda for any particular faith, places Mormon divorces at 24%, which is the national average.

Mormon Defenders of the Fake, quote Mormon Judd, a BYU "educator" manipulating the data to produce the Mormon statistic of 6%.

Hannah, a commenter on to Defend the Faith quotes the 6% statistic:  after acknowledging that Barna reports 24% for Mormons, Hannah rants:  " . . . However, there is one exception:  Mormon Temple marriages.  Those Mormons that marry in the Temple have only 6% divorce rate."

A report on Mormon Divorce rates on concurs with the Mormon Math Magic:

The authenticity of this number is endorsed by another survey conducted by the National Survey of Families and Households. As per this survey, it was found that in case of both non-Mormons and Mormons, 26 percent of all individuals go through minimum 1 divorce during the lifetime.

Joseph Smith, The First Vision, Gold Plates, Blacks and Priesthood, Gay-Friendly Prop 8, sure is hard keeping track of lies - keeping track of Mormon truths is easier, it doesn't require pen or paper.

If Catholics used Mormon mathematics, the Catholics would find a professor to lose his integrity, and produce a modified report on Catholic Marriages and Divorce that only counts a divorce as official if the couple 'annuls' the marriage properly within the Catholic Church.

Knowing that the Catholic Church rarely grants annulments

Divorce and the Latter Day Saints:

LDS Divorce Rate At The National Average:

The Barna Group

BYU "Professor" Daniel Judd's Divorce Rates In Question:

Mormon Propaganda spreads "Prof" Judd's Magic 6 Percent:

Mormon Magic Math "Professor" Daniel K Judd

Mormon FAIR Defends Judd's Mormon Magic Math As Legitimate  A commenter on the FAIR's blog writes: 

"Anne Says:      September 13th, 2008 at 1:14 am I’ve wondered about this from time to time. I’m civilly divorced,and have been for four years, but my sealing has not been broken because I haven’t met anyone to remarry and therefore set the process in action. As far as my records in the ward are concerned, I am still married. In fact, my ward has more divorced single parents than it does married couples."

Anne has more divorced single parents than in her ward than it does married couples, but her Temple  Marriage Record wasn't unsealed, so the Mormon records, aka Mormon Parrot Daniel K Judd, doesn't count her as being divorced.

Mormon Magic Math - Daniel K Judd - the Defender of the Fake.  Anyone but me wonder if  an online degree from the Caribbean Islands is worth more than a BYU degree?

I am sure that the Catholics can perform Magic Vatican Math on Catholic divorce rates and be under 4 percent, if Catholics ONLY considered Catholics married in the Catholic Church, and divorces that were officially annulled by the Catholic Church.  Annullments are not easy to obtain, so many Catholics do get a civil divorce, and re-marry, outside the Catholic Church since they are still 'married' unless annulled.

Figures don't lie, but Judd figures.

BYU's purpose in life seems to be to act as the Propaganda Ministry, offer "professors" to offer scholarly positions, to give legitimacy to Mormon issues, whether it is lying about research into the Book of Mormon, Mormon History, or Divorce Rates.

Why must a Mormon constantly lie to push their "religion" and it's brillance, and it's family happiness on the world?

Why must Romney attempt to turn America into a larger version of the picture perfect Mormon Utah; high use of anti=depressants, high use of online pornography, and falsifying divorce rates to attract "couples" to their cult to have a "thriving" marriage.

"I Know The Book Of Mormon Is True," as TRUE as these BYU-approved Divorce rates of Mormons.

Mormon Morality.

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  1. So Mormons are human beings like the rest of us? If they hope to be better is that such a bad thing, or is it better to want to have everybody be rotten?