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Mormons Have Problem With Deciding If They Follow Christ Or Not

To believe Mormonism, one has to read Joseph Smith's First Vision story. But to save you the long boredom: Joseph Smith, as a 14 year old, didn't want to work on the family farm, so he went up into the woods to play.

All of a sudden a bright light appeared, and God and Jesus Christ materialized in front of him. A real historical occasion since this is the first recorded time that God materialized in human form in front of a human. Even Moses, serving God for over forty years, never was allowed to cast his eyes on God.

This was 1820 according to the official Mormon Church's version of the First Vision.

It wasn't until twelve years after 1820 that Joseph Smith actually put pen to paper. So in 1832 the first version of the First Vision story was written, but in the first version as written by Joseph Smith, in the woods of New York, a 14 year old Joseph was only met by Jesus Christ.

Three years later another version of the First Vision was printed in 1835, and this is the first time that Joseph Smith was visited by God and Jesus Christ in the woods of New York, along with several angels.

So it took eighteen years to "perfect" the First Vision story which evolved from just Jesus Christ, to two unnamed personages, to turning those two personages into God and Jesus Christ.

But at the same time, there was much confusion in the church that Jesus Christ restored on earth through a 14 year old con-man, Joseph Smith.

In 1830, two years before Version One of the First Vision (Jesus Only), the Book of Mormon specified in 3 Nephi 26:21 that the name of the church restored on earth was to be the Church of Christ, so the Joseph's cult was established as the Church of Christ.

That only lasted four years though, when for unknown reasons Sydney Rigdon was inspired to convince Joseph Smith to change the name of the church. Joseph, God's Mormon prophet on earth, given the Church of Christ name be divine inspiration - decided to remove Christ's name based on a "mortal" man's opinion.

So now, in 1834 the Mormon Church is now officially the Church of Latter-day Saints.

But nothing in Mormonville ever lasts, four more years have passed and God's church has to change it's name for a third time.

In 1838 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints have arrived.

Christ's name of removed from the cult's name, and between 1834 through 1838 the Missionaries were probably having trouble "selling" the Book of Mormon as a Christian religion. So what do you do? You put Christ's name back on the cult.

One can take a cheap generic soda, and paint PEPSI on it; it doesn't make it Pepsi, it will still be a cheap imitation.

But it is easier to "sell" a cult if people can be misled into believing it is just a newer version of Christianity.

Ending with the keystone of Mormonism, the Book of Mormon. There are over three thousand documented changes to the "most perfect book" in the world, as Mormons like to claim.

But it was in 1981 that a major change occurred. The Book of Mormon was changed to be: The Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ.

Just a subtle marketing tool, like adding Christ's name back into the cult's name in 1838. People will be more willing to listen to "another Testament of Jesus Christ," than just a cult's Book of Mormon.

So how much credibility does a "church" have when it's First Vision story changes drastically over an eighteen year period? Changes in name three times in eight years - no longer following their own "scripture" to be the Church of Christ.

Christ's Gospels spell out Christianity rather clear. Sure, there have been problems with man inputting their own beliefs when translating the original manuscripts, and each version of the Bible has subtle differences.

But when you line up any copy of the New Testament, with the Book of Mormon - Christianity can be found in the New Testament.

The Book of Mormon is a work of fiction.

Joseph Smith was a terrible con-man, who found out religion "sells" easier.

Cults are based on power and sex - Joe was in command of the Mormons, literally in Nauvoo as Commander of the Nauvoo Legion, and sex - over thirty wives. OK, I credit him with at least marrying each woman he had sex with - a little better than David Koresh.

Just because Christ's name is in the cult's name - doesn't make Mormons Christians.

I can see why Mormons are trying so hard to prove that Mormons are Christians.  With their White Horse Prophecy candidate riding towards the Oval Office, Mormons have a lot riding on being accepted as Christians.

So Romney if you want to run for office; fine. But you have to run as a Mormon, because Mormons are far from Christian.

But if a Mormon wants to become a Christian, it isn't a difficult process.

1.  Renounce The Book of Mormon, the Utah Prophets, and Mormon doctrines.

2.  Accept the true Christ as your Lord and Savior.

3.  Repent of your sins.

4.  Any New Testament based church will be glad to welcome back into Christ's fold.

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