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Mormons Discredit Joseph Smith Inadvertantly When Attacking Writer

I am not a friend or coworker of Tricia Erickson, but in quoting this article on a different forum, one of Romney's Mormons came out and challenged Erickson's credibility due to a court case regarding a Modeling Agency.

So - let us assume that Ms. Erickson is lying - let us look at each paragraph to look at what and see if she is writing a novel, or presenting facts.

Then decide if her level if truthfulness is there.  I haven't googled her name, to be fair, but I THINK I remember Tricia Erickson being the daughter of a Mormon Bishop, and she has written negatively about the cult.

I would guess that is the reason the Romney Mormons want to discredit her so badly:

So in the wisdom of Fox News - you read, you decide.

To Miss Erickson and Christian News Today, I apologize for quoting the entire news article, but it is to show the accuracy of the reporting of Christian News Today, even if this was just a commentary, and not a journalist with Christian News Today.

Timothy Lee Unrine

A Mormon America, Brought To You By Mitt Romney: Christianity Today

A Mormon America, Brought To You By Mitt Romney

By Tricia Erickson, author of the book, “Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters?”,

If the GOP didn’t hurt us enough by propping John McCain up to be our 2008 nominee, handing us Barack Obama on a silver platter, now, by serving up this horrendous Romney Manchurian Candidate to be our next President, they are further promoting another party member, the “POM”, the “Party of Mormonism”.

This first paragraph is pure opinion, but you can't tell if she is a frustrated Republican or a disappointed Democrat.  "Horrendous Manchurian Candidate" definitely indicates she isn't a Romney fan, but by her comment "handing us Barack Obama on a silver platter" seems to indicate she isn't much of an Obama fan either.
We have seen the power of the Mormon voting bloc by way of Romney winning Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Hawaii and Florida, and Utah will be a slam-dunk. We can expect that 90% of the 6 million US Mormons will vote for Romney. According to LDS statistics and church facts, the church currently has 52,483 missionaries on the ground, worldwide, bringing the undiscerning into the sect. With a fraction of this figure of missionaries in the US, hundreds join the church each day.

Statistics on how someone really votes in a voting booth don't exist, except for the tally for each candidate.  Those exit polls are unscientific at best - when I am pestered by an exit poll, I never tell someone how I really voted - so all those nice looking charts on Fox News, CBS, CNN and so forth - are just best guesses.

Data probably could be updated, number of missionaries is per a LDS report dated Dec 2009, wikipedia references the Statistical Report with those numbers.  The latest LDS Conference Report is probably posted by now, but I don't go and ask the devil for water.

90 percent of Mormons voting for Romney - again a guess, but since Democratic Mormons are a rarity, all my years in Northern Virginia, all I seen was Republican bumper stickers, but then my Stake Center was Orrin Hatch's ward, and my Bishop was a President of a Republican Think Tank.  But 90 percent, isn't a bad guess - which is what all the exit polls really are - guesses.

Just how committed is Mr. Romney to his Mormon faith? Mitt Romney was a graduate of Brigham Young University and a Mormon Missionary. He was promoted twice on his mission to Missionary Zone Leader and Assistant to the Mission President. Mitt also became a Mormon Bishop and later became a Stake President, presiding over a dozen Mormon Churches. You cannot get more Mormon than Mitt Romney.

OK, Erickson forgot to mention one of Romney's ancestors was an Apostle in the Mormon church, as well as fails to mention that his father was a Stake President.  Likewise, maybe she should have mentioned that several past and current prophets visited his father's house while he was growing up in Michigan.  But those only strengthen the statement.

All the other points are well documented even by Romney himself.

As President of the United States, Mitt will have less authority than that of the living prophet of his church. He is therefore, no matter his position as leader of this nation, subject to the Mormon infallible Prophet and his orders and mandates, even if those mandates are not in the best interest of our nation.

All Mormons sustain their President Thomas Monson as prophet, seer, and revelator - - even a school child will know that GOD outranks a prophet, prophets speak to GOD - - Romney as President make various oaths and promises to follow their prophets - no footnotes for exceptions.

Mormons will argue the oaths are symbolic, non-Mormons will have to decide if Romney has only symbolically taken an oath to obey the Constitution of the United States - - if Mormons "value" oaths so low as to say that oaths are only symbolic, they don't really mean anything.

Infallible prophets - Mormons have a great answer to this.  Mormon prophets are only PROPHETs when they place the Johnny Carson magic turban on, and hold an envelope to his head and state - THIS IS A REVELATION - - all other talks, writings, and memos from Thomas Monson are just the rants and ravings of an elderly Mormon - that prophet, seer, and revelator isn't a full time occupation - - like rain in Kuwait - maybe it will, usually it won't.

Mitt’s commitment to his church is eternal and extends far beyond his life here on earth. Mitt expects, in his next life, to become a literal “god”, equal to our God, and firmly believes he will receive his own kingdom for which he will call his wife, Ann, into in order to have relations to populate with spirit babies. This is not a joke. You can find this information in any Mormon doctrine on the subject. I reveal this to demonstrate the fact that Mitt must do exactly what the prophet of the Mormon Church tells him to do because his very eternal life, and rewards in his next life, depend on it.

The cult's own website has a pdf copy of it's current "Sunday School" Manual - Gospel Principles - Exaltation Chapter - deserving Mormons become GODS - not like a GOD, but a GOD. 

The cult's own scriptues, Doctrine and Covenants Article 132 - Mormons become GODS.

Several prophets have restated this principle - so for a Mormon to deny it as a truth of Mormonism, who have to wonder why they are embarrassed. It isn't a "left over" from Joseph Smith, it is in the Gospel Principles Manual that new recruits are even given.

Mormons used to blame Joe Smith, and his King Follet Discourse, it was convenient, that Joe was trying to give a funeral discourse for a friend, and to sooth the family, the dead Mormon was said he is in his own heaven, as his own GOD, so don't weep for satisfied many, including new recruits whose family members asked about Mormons becoming GODS, like my mother did, and I was introduced to the King Follet Discourse, and said Mormons don't practice that - just don't Google the subject and prove it wrong.

In the secret Mormon Temple Ceremonies, Mitt and Ann have made symbolic blood oaths to follow the letter of the Mormon doctrine and the prophet and apostles of his church first. Mitt and Ann have sworn to the Law of Consecration, “to consecrate yourselves, your time, talents, and everything with which the Lord has blessed you, or with which he may bless you, to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for the building up of the Kingdom of God on earth and for the establishment of Zion”.What is “Zion”? A one world theocracy!

This is best covered in:

When you read the actual Temple Oaths, Romney and his Queen Ann took the original oaths, before they were "calmed down" once someone broke the vow of silence and the public read how bloody the oaths were.

The political machinery of the priesthood of the Mormon Church, named “The Kingdom of God” and “The Government of God”, was formed by the founder of the Mormon religion, infallible Prophet Joseph Smith. The goal of the Mormon Church through The Kingdom of God is to bring the United States Government under the rule of the (Mormon) priesthood.

The controversial White Horse Prophecy.  It is funny how the Mormons disclaim this as not being a prophecy, but it was quoted and referenced up until George Romney run for President in 1968.  The "Constitution hanging by a thread..." is referenced by multiple Mormons, including Sen Orrin Hatch, the Mormon of Utah who sits on this throne in the Judicially Committee in the Senate.
The White Horse Prophecy is what determined that Mormons would settle at the base of the Rocky Mountains.  This is interesting since the White Horse Prophecy was delivered in Nauvoo IL, well before Brigham Young set his sights on going somewhere WEST.

Embarrassing facts of Mormonism are put down by Mormons as urban legends, or Mormon-haters making up facts.  When it was convenient to believe in the White Horse Prophecy, Mormons believed - Orrin Hatch - even radical Mormon Glenn Beck - the Rush Limbaugh of the Mormon Party.
Prophet Brigham Young stated in the Mormon Journal of Discourses, volume 18: “No more or less than the complete overthrow of the nation, and not only of this nation, but the nations of Europe.”

Source is cited for all to read.  But again, Brigham Young didn't preface it with "The Lord God Says..." which turns Bigot Young into Spiderman for quoting Prophecy.

How many other American religions advocate the overthrow of the government and the tweeking of the United States Constitution.
Mormon President and Prophet John Taylor also explained in the Mormon Journal of Discourses, “The priesthood will be the only legitimate ruling power under the whole heavens; for every other power and influence will be subject to it. When the millennium is introduced, all potentates, powers, and authorities—every man, woman and child—will be in subjection to The Kingdom of God; they will be under the power and dominion of the priesthood of God”.

Plain and simple - source was cited - Romney has the priesthood, Monson holds the priesthood.  Every authority (President, Congress, Supreme Court, Governors - will be subject to the Kingdom of GOd under the power and dominion of the priesthood - Monson outranks Romney in the priesthood chain of command, Romney would have to obey all commands of Monson.

This agenda is further confirmed in Mormon Doctrine by Prophet Bruce McConkie, “During the Millennium the church will have the rule and government of the world given to it.”

Plain and simple again - source cited - quote given - Mormons will rule the world.

You Mormons say you are the ONLY TRUE church, so don't weasel out and say the church mentioned could be Catholics or Baptists - - it is Mormon - -

Mormons believe that the Mormon Church is the only true church and their main objective is to be ready when the time comes for the millennial reign of Jesus Christ by having their leaders ready to rule, or already in key places of authority and power. Their Mormon manifest destiny is to better serve their agenda by being able to rule and govern before the millennium actually takes place! The Mormon Church and its corporate empire, assets and resources are to be used as the chief element in the millennial overthrow of the United States Government.

We just covered most of these points above - Mormons believe GOD has designated them saviors of the world.

More important, the Mormon Prophet and Apostles will most assuredly be pulling the strings behind the scenes. You see, Mitt Romney’s priorities reach much further then this present life. If he does not obey the Church and its hierarchy, he will lose his exaltation to godhood and will not receive his own planet to lord over. While he will pretend to perform the duties of the office for himself, he absolutely has to accommodate the advice, counsel and wishes of his leaders. His very exaltation to godhood depends on it. And as a further result, the church will accelerate the spreading of this false gospel by laying the groundwork to rule, hand and hand, with Jesus Christ from the Mormon Garden of Eden, located in Jackson County Missouri as the Mormon Government of God.

Become a GOD, or be President for four or eight years?  That is Romney's choice.  He choses GOD, so he won't risk the higher reward, GODSHIP, over something as trivial as four/eight years in the White House.  He will be a good Mormon boy.  All the while waiting to be the next Apostle after to leaves office.  Cocky and bold is he.

Gospel Principles - Exaltation Chapter
DC 132 - - same source as listed above previously.
Through Mitt Romney, the Party of Mormon will finally, after struggling for authenticity for their patently false religion, become “main stream” to a fallen nation.

Mormons used to have their Missionaries train to answer the question about Mormons not being Christian.  Now the campaign is even more important, that they can't rely on the Missionary force of teenagers fresh from home.  Mormons need to be recognized as being legitimate Christians, to get Christians to vote for a Mormon would be easier if someone other than Mormons, would step up and say they are Christians.

Joel Osteen - a "pastor" or a motivational speaker, with turnstile collection stations to fill his stadium which fills his coffers, this "pastor" is one of the Feel Good Gospel preachers.  Say whatever they want to hear in the pews to make them feel GOOD, people don't TIP well into the collection plate if you give the fire and brimstone sermon.  So an endorsement from a "Christian" like Osteen, I'm not sure if you can call him a Christian preacher or just really a Christian Motivational Speaker.  He motivates people to empty their wallets and smile while they do it.

Billy Graham's son?  Billy Graham used to fill stadiums on a regular basis worldwide, lately his son doesn't have the Charisma, so when you lack charisma, you don't want to lose potential supporters by taking a position on a controversial subject - instead, sure - they have Christ in their name even, how much more Christian do you need to be?

The amount of money spent on advertising  to hoodwink people into believing that Mormons are Christians is enormous.  Propaganda costs money, keep repeating a lie and people will begin to believe you.

I will leave you with further evidence cited by Steven Stone of Renew America:

Steven Stone is a conservative blogger and author.  If he would have made up a quote, and not referenced it to a time period (Senate race in 1994), if he would have not used a name in the quote, (Judy Dushku, an Associate Professor of Government at Suffolk University), then it would be questionable, but since the source is still living, and hasn't asked for a retraction, it is reasonable to believe the statement is true.

“ *For a glimpse into the way Mitt and Mormon leaders have evidently collaborated in politics in the past, so we know what to expect in the future, consider the following excerpt from William Saletan's article "The Conversion."

It describes how Romney obtained the approval of the church's highest leadership to profess to be pro-choice in his 1994 U.S. Senate run in Massachusetts:
Romney [told the Brethren that, based on a poll,] if he didn't frame his position as pro-choice, he'd lose. Many of the church leaders were unhappy with Romney's formulation. But if they wanted him in the Senate, this was the best they were going to get.

[Upon returning to Boston,] Romney talked [with] Judy Dushku, a Mormon feminist, [who later said]:

"I went to his office and I congratulated him on taking a pro-choice position. And his response was Well they told me in Salt Lake City I could take this position, and in fact I probably had to in order to win in a liberal state like Massachusetts. ...I know that I have to take that position."

 Provided by our friend Tricia Erickson
The Mormons on the internet are trying to discredit Erickson over the Modeling Agency court case, but if that is the standard for truth, then Joseph Smith and all of his Mormonisms are false - since Joe Smith had numerous arrests for fraud, scams and other money-making schemes - including looking into a hat - throw in the rocks and translate the Book of Mormon - now we know.

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