Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mormon Hierarchy - How High Up Is Romney?

How High Up Is Mitt Romney:  The Very Top.

From the top:

The Top Layer are Mormons with Pioneer Ancestors.  This is where Mormon Romney is, it can't get higher.  He can be elevated to Apostle or the First Presidency.

The next highest is the Elite White Boy Only Club.  Most, but not all EWBOC members have ancestors that were Pioneers.  That is why this is a sub-level of the very top.  The EWBOC can be Apostles or members of the First Presidency.

Returned Missionaries.  If you are not a Returned Missionary, you will forever be in the lower caste of the Mormon cult.  This is the "Mormon Glass Ceiling" where adult converts hit.

Temple Worthy.  You have been granted the priviledge of attending the Mormon Temple, you have shown faith by paying your 10% tithes.  Temple Worthy Mormons are better than the other lesser Mormons, and is the first sign of moving into a different chaste level.

New Converts.  Still of questionable faith, are under watch to see on church attendance, participation in church functions, paying tithing, working with Missionaries to target your friends and neighbors with the Book of Mormon by the missionaries.

Investigators.  The Mormon Cult can only thrive with new blood coming in.   Investigators are listening to the Missionaries, and if any hint of anti-Mormonism creeps in, the Missionaries move on to anothe prospect.  That is why Missionaries make such good Multi Level Marketing thugs - they understand it takes 1,000 "no" to get to one "maybe."

Dishonored Missionaries.  Their "sins" not sufficient to warrant ex-communication, but they were sufficient to be sent home from Mission.  Equivalent to a soldier leaving the field of battle, forever marked as a coward, or as a dishonored, disgraced Missionaries; an embarrassment to their family.

The Ex-Communicated.  The lucky ones to get kicked out of the cult.

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