Monday, April 2, 2012

How Far Would Romney's Mormons Go To Supress The "Truth."

The Story Of Mormon Mark Hofman

How far would Romney's Mormons go to surpress the embarrassing facts about Mormonism?

The tale of Mark Hofman goes to demonstrate that the Mormon cult will go to all costs to surpress any possible embarrassing details of Mormonism.

Mark Hofman was probably one of this era's greatest forgers.  He discovered that he could forge documents that could pass the inspection of those trained to spot forgeries.  Mark Hofman knew who to come up with authentic paper, make authentic ink of the period, and use the language of the period.

YES - You defenders of the Mormon faith, these were fake documents.  That isn't the question.  The question is how far would Romney and his Mormons go to surpress embarrassing details of the history of Mormonism from becoming public knowledge.

One of his first forgeries which showed him how much the Mormon cult would pay to surpress the truth was the Blessing of Joseph Smith III by the Prophet Joesph Smith Jr.  This written blessing designated Joe's son as the successor to the Mormon cult leadership.

This document, if legitimate, would prove that Bigot Young hijacked the leadership away from Joseph Smith III.  Which lead to the schism in the cult where Emma and Joe Smith III headed off with her followers to start the Reformed sect of the Mormons in Missouri.

Why would Romney's Mormons spent thousands of dollars to buy a fake document, unless the Mormons really do have knowledge that Bigot Young really did hijack the leadership of the cult, and therefore his "prophet" status would be questionable?

The Salamander Letter was another profitable forgery for Mark Hofman.  This letter disputed the details of the First Vision.  Instead of Joe Smith being visited by GOD and Jesus Christ, instead Joe was visited by a White Salamander, and presented with the Golden Plates.

Again, if fake, why would Romney's Mormons spend thousands of dollars to surpress the Salamander Letter?  Is there some truth, or doubt, that the leaders of the Mormon church have about the First Vision?

Even the former "prophet" Gordon Hinckley was involved in buying fake documents that embarrassed the Mormons.  Hinckley was involved in purchasing a letter that detailed how Joseph Smith was still involved in "magic" even after the time of the First Vision.  Mormon history tries to say, because of arrest and court records are proof, that yes, ole Joe did practice "magic" and scammed people out of their money, but not after becoming visited in Palmyra by God and Jesus Christ.

Why buy a document that the cult admits can't be true?  Unless Romney and his Mormon KNOW that Joseph Smith is truly a fraud.

So can Americans believe anything that the Mormon cult says?


We are hearing the Mormon propaganda machine, Mormons are nice, vote for your Mormon neighbors, Mormons are Christians - trust us - we are Mormons - we wouldn't lie to you.

Mormon Morality.

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