Friday, April 27, 2012

10 Lies That Mormon Missionaries Tell

This entry is a link to the article, of ten lies that Missionaries tell, as described by a former Missionary himself:

Ten Lies That Mormon Missionaries Tell

As an added special from me.

It is well known that Mormon Temple ceremonies are based on Masonic ceremonies.  Equally well known is that Joseph Smith was a Mason.

What is little known, is that Joseph Smith and all the Mormon Masons were kicked out of the Masons because Joe's ego was huge:  Overnight he promoted himself from the lowest level of Mason, to the top Mason level - on his own.

Delusions of grandeur is a mental illness symptom, and are as dangerous as hallucinations,which Joseph suffered from too - it is common for hallucinations to produce "religious" images, like seeing a man over the Altar at the Temple, or Jesus and God in the woods, or other images of religious figures when getting baptized.

But let us remember, the first edition of the First Vision included a Toad turning into a man giving Joe the Gold Plate lecture.  A later revision changed the Toad to two personages, without Joe identifying who the personages were. Much later in Mormon life, the two personages evolved into Jesus and God.

Mormons are good story tellers, if it wasn't for all of the sex abuse by Missionaries, Bishops, and Sunday School Teachers, they could read stories at the library for community service.  If in doubt just Google sexual abuse, sex offense, arrests, mormons, LDS and see the results.

Who is safer around your kids?  Mormons or Catholic priests?


  1. Your a idiot. If u don't believe anymore then keep to yourself and be quite

    1. Joseph Smith Jr was liar and a false prophet. The book of Abraham is a lie he claimed that it was the writings of Abraham and Joseph. The fact is they are Egyptian funeral ceremonies.

      Joseph Smith Jr lied about the American Indians are Hebrew or Israelits. DNA proved it to be a lie.

      Joseph Smith Jr lied about all nations will be involved in the Civil War.

      Joseph Smith Jr also lied that the world will end in 1890, he lied about plural wives, he lied about the Book of Mormons is the most complete of all books including the Bible.

      It's in the Mormon Church history. The devil is in the details.

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