Monday, March 5, 2012

White Horse Prophesy

Because there is so much controversy over the White Horse Prophesy, does it apply to Mitt Romney, was it really a prophecy of Joseph Smith, and other questions, I am listing in one place a series of links to other research on the White Horse Prophesy.

An informed voter reads and decides for themselves:

Happy reading:

Mormon Quotes On The White Horse Prophesy

Joseph Smith's White Horse Prophesy by Sandra Tanner

When The Constitution Hangs By A Thread - Bill McKeever

Mormon Prophesy Behind Glenn Beck's Message - Huffington Post

Romney and the White Horse Prophesy

2012 White Horse Prophecy Warned Is Coming True In America

Republican Mitt Romney and the Mormon Plan for America

It is not worst enough that a Mormon, who after leaving Stanford University chasing tail, became eligible for the Vietnam, that Daddy instead hooked a missionary deferment from the draft, while Mitt Romney was in France knocking on doors, while some other real American black man was being shot at, in Romney's draft place, then comes back and further hides from a war HE SUPPORTS and ROOTS for in a university.

How many Mormons took the same draft dodging position, when your draft number is dangerously close to being called, run off on a mission then, but not a month sooner, lest you come back to the States while the war is still going on.

How many Mormons weren't in uniform, while poor, non-Mormon, men, both black and white, were being shot and killed for being Christian and being an American?

Now, this draft dodger, and his un-partriotic sons want the Oval Office so that Romneys can declare war on Iran, and make millions on the death of real Americans again.

Why haven't any of Romney's sons served in the military?  We have been in a "patriotic war" according to Republicans - Romney is - since 9/11/2001 - why haven't none of Romney's sons, who claim to be patriotic served on Active Duty?


Romney's make millions off the death of Americans by owning stock in defense contractors, or having association with those related to defense contractors.

As long as a Romney can keep this nation at war, and bomb, bomb, bomb, then Romneys' make millions of dollars for each American death.

Do Romney's sons have to serve?  NO.  But no veterans, and no family who has had someone serve on Active Duty, should vote for a man who makes millions if your servicemember dies - his sons won't - MORMON ROMNEYs do not serve in the military - even when there was a draft.

His investments?  Offshore accounts.  Can we count on a presidential candidate who has absolutely no faith or confidence in the American banking system?  NO.

Failing to put his money in American banks shows lack of confidence in the American economy.  He fails to deposit money in American banks who needs those deposits to fund loans for small businesses.

Why is his money offshore?

I can only think of the term tax-evasion - - no one has off shore accounts unless they are hiding money from the wife, or the taxman.

No Mormon In the White House.

No Morals.

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