Thursday, March 1, 2012

What Does The Mormon Church Have Against Isreal and the Jewish People

In the wake of 9/11 we now know that a Mormon bishop's company was used to train some of the 9/11 terrorists for their flight training.  Training that allowed the infamous attacks on the Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and the crash in Pennsylvania.

In 2006 a reporter discovered that the Mormon Church was providing funds to an Islamic organization, that Isreal has pointed out has ties to the Hamas terrorist organization.

Isreal is in the best place to understand it's terrorism; so for an American church to donate funds to a terrorist organization out to destroy Isreal leaves many questions.

Taken in context with the release of information that the Mormons are rapidly baptising the entire list of Jewish dead in the Holocaust, and other Jewish dead as well.

I have to ask the question:

Does the Mormon Prophet, and the Mormon puppets have an anti-Isreali attitude?

By funding Hamas do the Mormons just want even more Jewish names to baptize?

With a Mormon running for the Oval Office, we need these concerns addressed.  WE, as a nation, can not afford to have a Mormon in the Oval Office if the Mormons have evil intentions with Isreal.

Why Are Mormons Funding Hamas Terrorists?

Come on Mitt, YOU want the WHITE HOUSE, you need to answer these allegations.

YOU were a STAKE PRESIDENT, did you just become stupid after being relieved?  That magical ink pen from Men in Black just swipe your memory clean?  That makes you unqualified for office also.

Mormons & Arabs - Isreal

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