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Seven Questions Christians Should Ask Before Voting For A Mormon

The following seven questions were developed not by me, but by

#1  Is Mormonism a false cult that decieves people and leads many to hell?
Answer yes!
#2  Is Mormonism evangelistic in that it seeks to grow by making converts to its faith?
Answer yes!  It is aggressively evangelistic and successfully as one of the fastest growing cults in our time.
#3  Does Mormonism seek to confuse people by representing itself as a genuine Christian group.
Answer yes!  They have spent tons of money on add campaigns for this purpose.  I have met many times with Mormon missionaries and their intial talking point is that “we are Christian too”.   I have heard at least once or twice Mitt Romney himself represent Mormonism in interviews as a Christian group.
Mornonism has a major agenda to deceive people by describing itself as a Christian denomination.   They intentionally make less of their differences.  For example, I will take a quote from the news this week regarding something that you have no doubt heard about.  This is a response to a question Gov. Huckabee had asked if Mormonism teaches that Jesus and the Devil are brothers.  Here is the response by the LDS spokeswoman that has run in almost every article I have read about the controversy over Huckabee’s question. 
 We believe, as other Christians believe and as Paul wrote, that God is the father of all,” said the spokeswoman, Kim Farah. “That means that all beings were created by God and are his spirit children. Christ, on the other hand, was the only begotten in the flesh and we worship him as the son of God and the savior of mankind. Satan is the exact opposite of who Christ is and what he stands for.”

The two parts that I have underlined represent false teachings of Mormonism that are put in here as if all “other Christians and Paul” believe and taught these too.  The phrase, “only begotten in the flesh” sounds fine but Mormonism has a completely different take on it than Christians.  They actually teach that Elohim came down and had sex with Mary and that is why Jesus is the ”only begotten”.  See my blog page at to read more or find documentation for this. 
#4  Would the election of Mitt Romney as President be likely used by Mormons in America and worldwide as a point of reference to ascert that Mormonism is a respectable Christian denomination and would Mormon missionaries use a Romney Presidency to advance their own evangelistic attempts at redifining Mormonism and representing their religion in a good light?
Answer yes!  Absolutely, my experience with Mormon missionaries leads me expect them to seek to continue the rouge that Mormonism is really Christian.  They would most definitely point to Mitt Romney -especially if he were a popular President with a good family life- and  would use Romney as a lifestyle witness for their faith.  They could say, “You can have what the President has, here is a book  of Mormon, etc.”
#5  Do I believe that the growth of Mormonism worldwide is harmful?
Answer yes!  Very, it leads people into spiritual darkness with a counterfeit gospel.
#6  Do I value the souls of men and women boys and girls worldwide over my political concerns?
Answer yes!  I love my country very much and am a pashionate conservative, but my countries welfare is only temporal matter.  People being deceived and going to Hell is an eternal matter.  I believe we should put eternal matters over temporal ones.  I cannot in good conscience do anything that I believe would advance a false gospel that would lead others to hell.  Therefore I cannot under any conditions vote for a Mormon for President because I believe it would have that undesirable effect.
#7  Do I believe that voting for a Mormon who prays to a false god and a conterfit Christ, would have any access through prayer to the true God, and do I think prayer matters?
I do not believe that a Mormon praying to his god for help or wisdom has any hope for an answer to his prayer.  I do think answered prayer matters.  To say that answered prayer doesn’t matter is another way of saying that God Himself doesn’t matter.  That a President by his own wisdom can make decisions and not be in need of Divine help.  This idea is unacceptable to me as well.  It is true that we have had Presidents who were lost and did not have their prayers for wisdom and help answered either.  This is not to fail to acknowledge that the true God could answer the peoples prayers for their President.  But it seems if we can choose between someone who prays to the right God and someone who prays to a false god that cannot hear, we would be wise to choose someone who can pray to the true God and get wisdom and help in time of need.   We also must remember that not everyone who claims to be a Christian really is even if they go to a Baptist Church.  But if we can see fruit in someones life who is a respectable Christian with a biblical worldview, I would think that he would be a far better choice than anyone else who has no hope of God hearing their prayers unless they themselves repent and get saved first.  So I again could not vote for a Mormon.
For me, I cannot in good conscience vote for a Mormon for President.  The implications and ramifications are just too high spiritually.  . . . .  I would vote independent, third party, or not cast a vote.  That is how strong I feel about not voting for a Mormon for President.

There are even more reason based in their theology and the belief of some Mormons that Mitt could be the beginning of fulfilled prophecy and that the kingdom will be ruled from Missouri.  I have had one Mormon respond to a blog I wrote and said that Mitt will become President according these ideas and that I and nobody else could stop it.  

I hope all this at least sheds some light on why I don’t believe that Christians should vote for a Mormon.  For more information about what Mormons believe go to the blog page on this site and read the article…

God bless.

Your fellow bond-servant in Christ,

Sherwood Haisty, Jr.

All of these questions and answers are still accurate and very relevant today.

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