Thursday, March 8, 2012

Romney A Bigger Threat Than Al-Qaeda?

Former Controller General Warns Of Greek Scenario In The U.S.

"He’s been warning of fiscal troubles since 2007, when he told  CBS’s Steve Kroft in a “60 Minutes” segment, “I would argue that the most serious threat to the United States is not someone hiding in a cave in Afghanistan or Pakistan, but our own fiscal irresponsibility.”"

Mitt Romney's insistance that the United States needs to concentrate it's military to keep atomic weapons out of Iran will cost more than the Iraq and Afghanistan campaigns combined.

And for a Presidential candidate who is shielding untold millions in offshore bank accounts, Mitt Romney isn't too concerned if the United States banking structure deteriorates.  By not depositing his money in the United States, Mormon Romney has shown a lack of trust in the banking system.  By not depositing his money in the United States banks, those banks don't have his funds to use as leverage for loans to mortgages, car loans, home improvement loans, student loans.

Sure, a person isn't required to deposit all of his money in the United States banking system.  But, for a Presidential candidate to NOT have his money in U.S. banks shows that he is worried about more than an election.

The United States is a virtual pyramid scheme, which if you or me did something similar, we would be in jail.  The United States in essence, is using a government's version of check kiting.  Or as in Popeye - "I'd gladly pay you five dollars on Friday, for a hamburger today" or something close to that.

The United States Treasury calls up the Premier of China and says "hey, I understand you have a billion dollars of our debt due on Friday."

"Mr. President, you are so right.  How will you being paying for those?"  chuckling under his voice, knowing full well that the U.S. can't pay off the debt.

"How about we sell you 1.5 billion in debt today, and we will collect the 1/2 billion today to pay for that?"

And on and on we go, begging to China each time a debt comes due. 

What happens if China refuses to buy more debt, and calls it's markers to be paid in full?

BOING.  Hello, Greece.

What does this have to do with Mormon Mitty?

Mormon Romney wants a war with Iran.  Wars costs money.  At one point we were spending One BILLION dollars a month in Iraq in the war - ONE BILLION.

Who thinks that Iran is a weaker opponent than Iraq?

Iran is mobilized under a theocracy, not individual tribes trying to keep control, or take control.

A unified effort to fight off a foreign, religious, infidel, invader.

What any responsible political candidate needs is to push for peace, and to control and reduce our debt.

Reduction of debt spending means the military has to be cut.

OR, do Americans want to pay more in taxes?

It is either cut our forces, bring them home from Europe, Afghanistan, and the Middle East.

OR PAY more in taxes.

Romney isn't asking for either.

Romney wants the Bush tax cuts to stay in place.

Romney hasn't asked for more taxes.

SO, Romney will be calling up China, and doing the Popeye-Hamburger transfer each Friday.

Is that a way Mormons run a country?

Is that the way a White Horse Prophecy gets fulfilled?

Is that the way the Mormons ride into the Oval Office to save the Constitution?

Sorry, but Romney ole boy, you are not qualified.

But as to the posed question:  Is Romney a bigger threat than Al-qaeda?  According to the former Controller General YES, Romney isn't fiscally responsible.

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