Thursday, March 29, 2012

Romney and Republicans WANT high gas prices

President Obama today asked the Congress to withdraw subsidies from the billion dollar profitable OIL COMPANIES who have gas prices at an all time high.

Congress refused to rescind these subsidies, which are really rewards for bribes to the Senators and Representatives, and Republican Presidential Candidates who get paid millions in campaign bribes called contributions, and in turn give back millions to the Oil Companies.

From a Romney economic viewpoint, this is good politics.  For a hypothetical example - Senator Hatch could possibly receives a quarter million dollars in campaign contributions to various campaign funds, PACs, and other sleazy funds used to disquise campaign bribes.

Fellow Mormon, Friend of Romney, Lobbyist of Big Oil - Begs for American Subsidies for BIG OIL

Then Mormon Senator Orrin Hatch in turn, votes like the others who receive bribes, the allow the OIL Company to receive a bigger portion in return, let us say just one million, to keep the numbers low.

So OIL Compay A pays Mormon Senator $250,000, who in turn pays the oil company back $1 Million.

And with each Senator receiving a like minded bribe/campaign contribution, and returning an equal amount back in a subsidy - the Senators win, the Oil Company's win.

Using the hypothetical example, fourteen Senators all receive $250K in "campaign contributions", this is a total of $3.5 Million dollars that Big Oil donates to American politicians; BUT, the Senators show their "appreciation" by return $14 Million in subsidies and tax breaks.  NOT A BAD return on their investment, a net profit of 10.5 million dollars for Big Oil.

No wonder politicians keep running for re-election.  Term limits could put the brakes on SOME of these bribes, or at least change the recipients every term.

Who loses?

The Americans at the Gas Pumps paying close to or over $4 per gallon.

Bribes - us community college educated poor folks call campaign contribution bribes.  Why else does a company making millions in profits, and having billions in reserve, need a subsidy?

Those subsidies are us poor taxpayers paying the Oil Company executives huge salaries, and we get high gas prices in exchange.

Remember - OBAMA demanded this practice of subsidies for Big Oil to STOP, Romney's Republicans refuse to discontinue this "successful" program to their reelection campaign contributions.

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