Saturday, March 10, 2012

Romney Admits The Mormon Cults Pulls His Strings

"You're gonna have to go to the church and ask what they think about that," Romney responded with a laugh, referring to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, of which Romney is a member.

That is the standard reply Parrot Romney gives whenever asked a legitimate question regarding his Mormonism.

Whether on Piers Morgan, when all of a sudden, a former Bishop, former Stake President, former counselor to a Stake President, former Seminary graduate, former missionary can't even answer a basic question on "is homosexuality a sin?"

A six year old attending a church can answer that question, but no, not Mormon Mitty, he has been ordered by his Supreme Leader to not answer even basic questions about Mormonism.

Why would this be?

Is the White Horse Prophesy in trouble of stumbling on the way to the Oval Office?

What plans does the Mormon Prophet Thomas Monson has for Mitty Romney once a Mormon President ascends into the Oval Office?

How much control does the Mormon cult possess over it's candidate Mitty?

According to Mitty:  "You're gonna have to go to the church and ask what they think about that,"

Sorry Mormon Mitty, but if Thomas Monson wants to run for President, then let Thomas Monson run for President.  We are not electing a Spokesperson to sit in the Oval Office for the Mormon Cult.

If you can't answer the easy questions, then the hard question - how much control will the Prophet have in the Oval Office is definitely too hard to answer too.

Sorry, but we don't need a White Horse to ride in and save the Constitution.  We don't need Mormons to come in and steal our Presidency.

Go home, and steal some more money by robbing a company by running up it's debt, then sell it off, firing all of it's employees in the process - the Bain Way - the Romney Way - the Mormon Way.

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