Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mountain Meadows: The Dangers Of Mormonism Revealed

To fully understand the dangers that one faces when encountering Mormons desiring to fulfil the prophetic callings; you need to understand what occurred at America's First 9/11:

Sept 11, 1857 - Mountain Meadows - Mormons Execute Innocent Pioneers

The short summary, wagon trains were coming through the Utah Territory - the Utan Territory was over four times it's current size and included large portions of Nevada, Arizona, Utah of course, and other areas - and the Mormons in Salt Lake decided that this wasn't in the Mormon's best interests any longer.

These wagon trains would resupply at Mormon settlements and bring in supplies as well.   But suddenly the Mormon policy changed, culminating on Sept 11th, 1857 at Mountain Meadows.

The wagon train was circled, like in the B&W movies, settled in for the day, when Mormons came flying the White Flag of Truce into the train.  The Mormons offered the pioneers safe passage if the pioneers would give up their weapons.

Under the White Flag of Truce, the Mormons Murderers escorted the pioneers to Mountain Meadows, where Mormons, disquised as Indians attacked and murdered the pioneers.  Men, women and children were all fair game.

Would the United States result to a modern Mountain Meadows today if Americans get in the way of the Mormons fulfiling their White Horse Prophecy and get Mormon Romney into the White House?

Mormons are secretive for a reason - cults work in secrecy.  Mitt Romney was groomed from a young age to fulfill the White Horse Prophecy.  He has been trained in Mormon theology, to the equivalent of a Doctorate of Divinity Degree.  He has held high positions in the cult - served as a counselor to a Stake President, then as Bishop, then as Stake President.

What plans do the Mormons have for Romney?  and can America afford to become a Mormon Theocracy under Mormonism?

Should Mormons be trusted more than David Koresh? Jim Jones?  Warren Jeffs?  or the Heaven's Gate leader?

National Park Service finds letter fingering Brigham Young in murders

John D Lee Implicates Brigham Young In Ordering Massacre  Romney's Mormons need to prove this letter written by Mormon scapegoat John D Lee, the only person executed for Mountain Meadows, is a forgery/fake - otherwise, all their cult history is suspect.  Mormon Prophet orders murder of wagon train.

http://mountainmeadowsmassacre.com/  Written From Mormon Perspective



Mormon Coverup of Mountain Meadows


NPR Interview: Mormon Revisionism of History

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