Friday, March 9, 2012

Mormons Lie About Joseph Smith Only Having Emma As A Wife

Why when Mormons are out recruiting members for it's cult, don't these polite, immature, under=educated missionaries fail to tell prospective recruits about Joseph Smith's many wives.  In fact, like with all cults, these potential new Mormons are asked to not read any anti-Mormon literature, anti-Mormon websites, or talk to anyone about Mormonism.  Potential recruits will be given church approved literature to discover the real "true" church of Christ.

In 2002 as I was being courted by the Mormon missionaries I was given plenty of reading material on the history of the Mormon faith, how Ole Joe invented the religion, how his wife Emma supported Ole Joe's efforts in spreading the Mormon gospel.

But no one in the Mormon cult, and none of it's literature mentioned that Ole Joe and his many wives.

This is the same Mormon attitude of Mormon Romney and his Mormonized political campaign for the Oval Office to fulfil the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith's White Horse Prophesy.  A prophesy like Ole Joe's wives - the Mormons deny the truth that is embarrassing to the cult.

Cults have always been about sex and power/money.  Ole Joe with his many wives, is no different than David Koresh and his many "spiritual" wives, often, like Ole Joe, underage girls - sex, sex, sex.

Mormonism was developed on the concept of men wanting sex with multiple young women.  The Warren Jeffs affair is a good modern example.

Power rests in the Apostle and the ruling Elite White Boys Only Club members of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Stooges.

So why must Mormons lie all the time?

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