Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mormons Insist Constitution Requires Americans To Vote For Romney

I'm on many message boards, and two things are clear about the Mormon strategy to brainwash the American people into voting for Romney.

Both things involve twisted Mormon morality.

First:  If you only refuse to support and vote for Romney because his is a Mormon; then you are a bigot.  That message is repeated relayed in defense of any statements made against a Mormon being qualified for office because of cult beliefs in baptizing the dead of non-Mormon in opposition to the family's wishes or religious affiliation, that Mormons when they die can become GODS if they are married in the Temple and have followed the commandments (I guess it's only nine commandments - forget no other GODS before me), and other crazy beliefs.

In ChristianPost.com Warren Cole responded when asked about  being called a bigot for printing an anti-Mormon piece:

After igniting a firestorm over his arguments on why he won't vote for a Mormon for U.S. president, evangelical journalist Warren Cole Smith is responding to criticism, including claims of bigotry.

"First of all, the word 'bigot' is an ideologically charged word," he said on Patheos.com on Thursday. "I have trouble taking the charge seriously, and little motivation to defend against it. If my ideas are false, then expose the falsehood."

Outside Opinion That It Isn't Bigotry To Protest Mormonism or Romney

And if BIGOTRY threat doesn't scare you to support and vote for a MORMON, then it is reason number two - misquote the Constitution of the United States by repeating the Religious Test.

Mormon Romney's supporters repeatedly state that you can't hold Romney's Mormon beliefs against him, that it violates the Religious Test of the United States Constitution.

Guess what?  It doesn't, that is just Mormon revisionism of the Constitution.  What the religious test provision of the Constitution does is prohibits the federal, state and local governments from either requiring a specific religious belief to qualify for office, or prohibiting a specific religious belief to run for office.

Romney is running, and if he wins the elections, he gets the Oval Office.  The Religious Test provision HAS NOT been violated.

Can Americans vote against Romney purely because he is a MORMON?  YES!

It does not violate the Constitution, and for the Salt Lake Prophet to think that if the Mormons twist the Constitution to scare Americans to vote for Romney - that is un-American.  Very, very un-American.

For one, when has there ever been election been held for President where the votes were tabulated by individual, where each voter had to account for his or her vote?  As if we are in Congress and the votes are by person listed on the board for all to see.

So why would the Mormons be constantly citing the religious test to scare Americans to vote for Romney?

Mormons are scared that their White Horse candidate will not win the election and fulfill the White Horse Prophesy.

Americans DO NOT have to vote for ROMNEY - if your only reason is that he is MORMON, that is ALLOWED to be held against him.

Christians SHOULD NOT vote for a MORMON - Mormonism is a cult that is contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ, where Mormons, D & C 132, Spencer W Kimball and Joseph F Smith - both Prophets of the Mormons - all three sources say that faithful, temple-Mormons become GODS.  The Book of Mormon and the Doctrine and Covenants of the Mormon cults are false gospels that Jesus has warned us about.

Christians SHOULD NOT vote for MORMON ROMNEY.

Americans DO NOT have to vote for ROMNEY, even in spite of the MORMON threat of violating the RELIGIOUS TEST of the United States Constitution.  It is your American Right to vote for President by secret ballot, that is not audited, that your vote is not threatened.

Clearly the Mormons need to find a better way to steal the White Horse.

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