Saturday, March 3, 2012

Mormons Have Desecrated Catholic Shrines In The United States

This article comes from a 2008 investigation that began after a Mormon Missionary thought it would be "funny" to post pictures of his missionaries exploits: specifically desecrating Catholic Shrines and posting pictures on line to brag about his accomplishments.

The Catholic Church, in the spirit of Christ, forgave the Missionaries, and dropped the charges during Catholic Holy Week; but the incident is real, and did occur.

Why is this important today?

Mormon Missionaries are the dog-and-pony show of Mormonism.  They are the white-shirted young men on bicycles that knock on your doors and try to sell you satanism - yes satanism - read Gal 1:8 - beware of false gospels.

How have Mormon Morals changed today?  Not one bit.  The recent baptism of Jewish reporter Daniel Pearl, and other Jewish Holocaust victims show that Mormons have no problem desecrating the Catholic or Jewish religions.

Do we need a cult leader like Mormon Mitty in the Oval Office?  No.  No more than Warren Jeffs, David Koresh, Jim Jones or the Heaven's Gate leader.

Mormon Missionaries Desecrate Catholic Shrines

Fox News Reports On Desecration

Mormon Missionaries Desecrate BUDDA statute in Thailand

There are some comments that say the number of "incidents" is slight, considering the long history of Mormon missionary activity.  However, it was just lately the invention of digital cameras, digital phones, and the internet that have allowed us ALL to view everyone's "private" photo albums.

Even the military has begun to realize the danger of cameras on the battlefield in recording everyday "incidents" that would have otherwise been only urban myths - Abu Graib and the Marines urinating on dead Afghans come to mind.

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