Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mitt Romney Even Breaks Mormon Rules That Apply To Poor Mormons

Mormon Romney used his family's extensive pull in the Mormon cult to not only dodge the draft after quitting Stanford University, and running to France, but when he was married - the Romney's used their influence to break Mormon church rules - since rules don't apply to the rich and rulers:

If a Mormon couple is married in a civil ceremony, with the exception of a few countries where a civil ceremony has to occur before a Temple ceremony, there is a one year waiting period before that couple can be sealed in the Temple.  (Sealing being the Mormon equivalent of Marriage).

Romney's wife came from a non-Mormon family, and were prohibited from attending a wedding in the Mormon Temple - so rules were broken for those in high positions - Romney's father being Stake President.

A civil marriage was held, then immediately a temple marriage was held.

So even within the Mormon culture, the Romney are above the regular "poor" and have special priviledges.  Romney's do not go to war, and Romney's don't follow Mormon rules for marriages outside of the Temple.

Do we trust someone who is above the rules?  Would he follow the laws governing what a President can or can not do?

Would Romney declare war as President, violating the Constitution that has the be an act of the Congress?

To quote the attached article:

Guess who had an exception made to this rule to accommodate the bride’s non-member parents? Mitt and Ann Romney. They were allowed to have a civil ceremony first so Ann's parents could attend the wedding. Right after, the Romney’s left for the Temple where they could forgo the waiting period and immediately be sealed. While “rank and file” Mormons must abide by the rules, exceptions are often made for affluent members who are part of the inner circle of the Church; in other words, those with monetary, political, or social influence. Is this type of favoritism and rule-bending something we can expect to continue throughout Romney’s life and political career?


A further quote from the article is interesting in that the author states:

Perhaps the most compelling reason evangelical Christians should give pause putting a Mormon in the White House is the ripple effect that would legitimize Mormonism as another denomination of Christianity and result in the loss of many souls. The lines of demarcation between the true biblical gospel of Christ and the false gospel of Mormonism are already being blurred by ministries such as Greg Johnson’s “Standing Together,” based in Utah. In addition to Johnson’s efforts, we’ve got influential celebrities like Joel Osteen who, without any discernment or knowledge of Mormonism at all, declare Mormons to be Christians. In regard to Osteen, this so-called “shepherd” of the Christian flock had the temerity to say he’s “not the one to judge the little details of it.”

Christians can not in good faith vote for a Mormon for public office.

Likewise, like the article shows, Mitt Romney feels that he has an elite status, the draft does not apply to him, he was rich and didn't have to serve, if he flunked out of Stanford, he could run to France with Daddy's help getting a religious exemption, if he wanted to marry a person from a non-Mormon family, his family was rich and influencial in the Mormon cult, so he can have a civil wedding and a temple marriage the same day - where a poor family in the same situation would have to wait a year between the civil and temple marriages.

Mitt is for elitism, not Americanism.

Mitt is for his pocketbook; not your's.

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