Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Youtube - Mitt Romney On Gay Marriage "He's A Flippin'"

Pier Morgan Puts The Screws To Flipper On Abortion and Gay Issues

Marriage is strictly between a Man and Woman, in the White House that is what Romney will only support.  Questioned by a gay Veteran of Vietnam - you remember that war Mitty?  You ran to France to knock on doors for the Mormon Church.  This man was shot at in place of you.  But the Mormon Church Prophet speaks through Mitty's rhetoric:  No same-sex marriages.  The world world would just fall to pieces.

This is from The Young Turks analyzing Piers Morgan winning the what is really your position on gay rights.  Sounds actually that he is in favor of one gay right -employment - so that he can claim he favors and supports gay rights.  But he stumbles, asked if homosexsually is a sin, and he refuses to answer.  This is the man that as Stake President could excommunicate homosexuals, and all of a sudden, he forgot. Well he says he doesn't speak for the church.  Sounds like a soundbite response in his earpiece from Salt Lake.  "Here's the answer Mitty....no stupid this isn't God, you have an earpiece in.  (in the background, Boyd Packer - couldn't you find a better parrot this Mitt?  It was a favor for his father George, we promised to take care of his son for him."

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