Monday, February 20, 2012

Was 9/11 the Modern Mormon Mountain Meadows?

Just how involved were Mormons in training the terrorists that attacked the United States on 9/11?

Was this attacked planned at a secret level of Mormon leadership to get the United States in a fight against Muslims, to ultimately place a Mormon President in the Oval Office?

Would the radical Mormons plan an attack, or allow an attack, on an American city in order to get an invasion by the United States into a non-Christian nation(s) opening up avenues for missionaries to follow through with their mystical Book of Mormon?  (Seems funny that only "at least 5 Mormons) died on the Sept 11, 2001 attacks - guess those five didn't get the memo to stay home that day.

But only one Mormon died in the Towers, two in the Pentagon, and three were on various flights.

Does that number seem a little low to you?

Only Five Mormons Died on 9/11

So did God keep his "chosen people" out of the Towers that day?  Or did a message passed throughout the Mormon congregations to stay home, pray, contemplate, fornicate with your neighbor, just don't go to New York - not today?

The low number of Mormon deaths is an indicator.  There will be NO record of Mormons telling their people to stay home, plausible deniability, but the low number of deaths in the Twin Towers?

Where were the Mormons that day?  There wasn't just one working in the Twin Towers, just one didn't get the memo.

Good going Mitt.  You would have your Mormons coordinate an attack on our country in order to further your religious zeal.  Was one Book of Mormon in Baghdad worth even one American life?  Was one Book of Mormon in Afghanistan worth just one American life?

Cults have bad, misplaced priorities.  I keep saying, just because Mormons aren't dancing on street corners selling flowers and books - doesn't mean Mormons aren't cultists.  Wolves in sheep clothing?

Mormon Bishop Trains 2 of 4 9/11 Terrorist Pilots

Mormon Bishop Hillard - Suspected Ties To Money Laundering For Mob

Mormon Prophet Predicts The Destruction of New York City

Why do you think that Mormon millionaires and Mormon billionaires are trying so hard to install a Mormon Monarch in the Oval Office by buying the Presidency?

Knowing the Mormons are capable of flying a white flag, ride into a group of settlers and offers safe passage, and lead them out to be executed at Mountain Meadows; is is possible that collapsing the Twin Towers is not beyond the planning of a Mormon Prophet with the long term goal turning the United States into a Mormon Theocracy, and to then use the U.S. military to advance the Book of Mormon?

Romney and his millions, his friends millions - go by another country.  You Mormon cultists won't take the United States easily.

Mountain Meadows Massacre - Mormons For What They Are

Mormon Terrorist John D Lee


  1. I don't doubt they are capable of such evil. They are pure evil following satan

  2. I believe the biggest lie in the world along with "The check's in the mail" is the under reported number of mormons.