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Should Brigham Young University Drop It's Racist Namesake?

Joseph Fielding Smith, the 10th President of the Mormon Church (1970 - 1972)

"There is a reason why one man is born black and with other disadvantages, while another is born white with great advantages. The reason is that we once had an estate before we came here, and were obedient, more or less, to the laws that were given us there. Those who were faithful in all things there received greater blessings here, and those who were not faithful received less." (Doctrines of Salvation, p. 61)

"I would not want you to believe that we bear any animosity toward the Negro. "Darkies" are wonderful people, and they have their place in our church." Look magazine, October 22, 1963, page 79.

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These quotes from Joseph Fielding Smith who was President of the Mormon Church while Mitty Flipper Romney was 23 years old.  Mitty would have completed his mission, and being an ambitious young man, taking guidance from his former governor, former Stake President Daddy, Mitty would have relished the "company line" by not only toeing the line, but polishing the line.

So it is not UNEXPECTED to want to know WHEN Mitty Flipper Romney changed his mind on this "darkies" who "are wonderful people."

When did Mitty Flipper Romney embrace blacks, asians, and hispanics are people that can be equal to, or better than Flipper?

(Just for s...ts and giggles - Flipper, Bain Capital, release pictures of the board members, and the top leadership.  What is the ratio of blacks to white?  hispanic to white?  Diversity or Mormon White?

But the real topic of this blog today is should Mitty Flipper Romney make a statement against the White Mormon Church and demand that Brigham Young University change it's name.  Brigham Young was a staunch advocate for slavery, and that if Utah entered the Union it would keep it slaves.

And you thought Salt Lake  City was built by the sweat and blood of whites?  Seems like the historical photographers went to great lengths to have only whites in the pictures.

Case For Changing The Name of Brigham Young University.

The are plenty of quotes on the internet from one of the grandest, founding members of the Mormon Church, Brigham Young.  Some may call him the original bigot.

How would people in the United States feel if a university was named after Brian A Scates, the first national leader of the KKK in 1867.  Now after the accomplishments of Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement, and national backlash against the Klan, the KKK is virtually gone, but not forgotten.

But we have a university still, Brian Scates University, and what if this university was predominately one religion?  What are we led to believe?  Hero worship?  The South will rise again?

Brigham Young University.

Why has the Mormon Church not changed the name of the university.

Since BYU is owned and operated by the Mormon Church, the name can be changed easily by the Mormon Church.

Bigotry was preached and practiced against blacks until public pressure caused the Mormon Church to cave into public pressure to give blacks the priesthood in 1978.

But what progress has been made by blacks within the church since 1978.

Again, just go to the lds.org website and look up General Authorities, or you might try googling "stuffy old white men in suits mormon".

How would we feel about a school named after Scates?

More importantly how would we feel about a school that refuses to change it name from Scates?

When you worship a bigot, name a university after a bigot, and have leader, after leader, after leader since Brigham Bigot Young continue to preach anti-black messages, what are we to feel about BYU?

Now are all BYU graduates and students bigots?

Maybe, maybe not.

But if you were an employer, and someone showed you a copy of their degree from Scates University with a burning cross logo, and graduation pictures  of white robes and hoods marching across the stage - what would a reasonable person conclude about the applicant?  and would you risk hiring a potential bigot?

Why does Mitty Flipper Romney's Mormon Church, a church he is so proud of, a church that he was Bishop and then Stake President, a church that still does not have diversity in the upper leadership of the Elite White Boys Only Club, why won't it rename the Bigot Young University to a more acceptable name?  (NO changing just to the inititals BYU is not acceptable, KFC still means FRIED after all).

Martin Luther King didn't preach hate.  He followed Gandi's principals of non-violence and achieved great things for the United States, not just for black, and not just against whites.

Martin Luther King showed us how silly it was to have black only and white only bathrooms, front of the bus, back of the bus.

What would Martin Luther King say today about blacks belonging to the Mormon Church?  Is "darkie" still kept in his place?

What would Martin Luther King think about blacks attending Bigot Young University?  Attending a university named after a man who thought that blacks had their place in society.

Would Martin Luther King recommend that Bigot Young University change it's name?  Bigot Young University has a good academic record, but same with Scates University - Scates produces 4.0 GPA graduates with a burning cross philosophy.

I challenge Mitty Flipper Romney, as a high mucky-muck in the Mormon Church, that if a Mormon wants to run for President in 2016, Bigot Young University needs to have it name changed.  It would be a strong statement, coupled with at least two Apostles being Black, and one Hispanic, at least, to show true diversity, and to dismantle the Elite White Boy Only Club of which Mitty is a member.

The trouble with kooks is that they don't always wear signs saying that they are kooks.

Westboro Baptist Church - we know that they are kooks.  The Constitution of the United States allows for kooks, especially for religious kooks.

Would we vote for Phelps for President?

There isn't much difference between Westboro Baptist Church and the Mormon Church; except for size.  Westboro strongly preaches against GAYS, Mormons mildly - but you can be mild when you have a large membership. 

But the message is exactly the same - anti gay, anti lesbian.

Just because Mitty belongs to a bigger church, wears more expensive suits, bleaches his teach, and has a staff of policy and speech writers, doesn't make voting for him any more different than voting for Phelps for President.  It would be a danger to the United States.

What kind of cabinet would Wesboro's Phelps have on his cabinet?

Think.  We don't have to vote for a Mormon, just because the background campaign is saying if you vote AGAINST Romney it is HATRED against Mormons.

Not at all.  Kooky Westboro Baptist Church can protest all over the United States, I don't like their message, but it's America.  But I'm not going to vote for him because his campaign would label me anti-Westboro?

I wouldn't vote for Phelps, and I definitely wouldn't vote for a man who let "darkie" go fight and die in his stead in the Vietnam war because he road out the war in deferment, after deferment, after deferment. 

Which is strange since he was a Pro-Vietnam War protester.  Or do we call it coward?

Clinton didn't go to war, but Clinton didn't support the war effort either. 

It would have been better for Flipper to take Bush Jr's example, he served in Uniform, but avoided the war with political influences to get assigned to non-deployed units.  Plausible deniability - "I was in uniform, I would have fought if I was sent (but Daddy kept me safe)."

How many true Patriotic Men were called up for the draft, that Mitty avoided, and had to die because they had the misfortune of not coming from a properous family, with both political and religious influences.  How many inner city youths died, how many black inner city youths died because they couldn't spin a deferment to go to Vietnam?

At least Mitty, you could come out and make a statement at the Wall to thank those behind you, whose names are engraved on the Wall, for being a more true American than you were, Americans that when their country called, they didn't duck the draft, most didn't even agree with the war you and your daddy supported (if not help start/escalate).  At least give thanks to those "darkies' who died so you can be a rich man today, a man of no humility, a man  of no backbone, a man who buy and destroys jobs to make a buck for himself.

Your Daddy may be proud of you, but scum is scum, and when you step in dog...t it usually still stinks.  So America, beware of the dangers of voting for an anti-gay, anti-lesbian, anti-black, anti-poor, a man who if he can make $1,000,0000 by destroying your employer; he has, he will again.

Again, remember the dangers of 1939, Germany listened to a charismatic leader and invaded Poland.

Remember David Koresh?  A charismatic religious leader from Waco who led his sheep to the slaughter; literally.

Remember Jim Jones?  A charismatic religious leader who led his sheep to the slaughter of the Kool Aid.

Mitty Flipper Romney - Charismatic?  Yes.  Dangerous?  Very.

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  1. News continue to uncover the racist background of Mitt Romney and Mitt's not only participation in, but leadership of, the exclusive All-White Cougar's Club at BYU.

    As a Presidential candidate I can understand his embarrassment in being revealed as President of a college "fraternity-like" organization which excluded blacks, that as it's leader he could have worked to changed that attitude, but didn't.

    But then again, it is Bigot Young afterall.

    All Hail The Prophet - Bigot Young.