Sunday, February 26, 2012

Romney's Sons Refuse Military Service In A War Against Iran

Are any of Mormon Romney's sons serving in the U.S. military in the last ten years of war that was initiated by a Republican President?

Are any of Mormon Romney's sons going to enlist in the U.S. military to support their Daddy's desire to invade Iran?

For a Draft-dodger, who supported the Vietnam-war, but was too afraid to serve in Army green, wore Mormon "yellow" white-shirted Missionary coward for 30 months, then added college deferments, makes the entire Romney clan COWARDS.

Romney when asked in his previous campaign said his sons are serving the country, but serving his campaign.  NOTE:  None of the Romney Coward Boys have since enlisted since the 2008 campaign, and the war is still ongoing.  Guess like-Father, like-Son, knocking on doors are safer for cowards, then going to fight a war propigated in the first place by faulty Republican intelligence, and mystic unicorns.

Romney Defends His Sons Cowardice In War

Romney and his cowardly boys are sittting to make millions in profits by invading Iran.

Why should a Romney die in battle, when Romney's make money sending the poor inner city youths to war instead.

Mormon morality.

How disgraceful.

Money and profits are the only things a Romney understands.

The rest of America calls this Mormon cowardice.

Mormons Don't Serve In War - Romney Philosophy

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