Sunday, February 19, 2012

Romney's Mormonism Smells of Corruptions & Bullying

Everyone of us are known by the company that we keep.

Now Mormon Romney wants us to believe that he is a squeaky clean politician, out to save America from it's economic ruin.

But his campaign's national finance co-chairs are two men of questionable morals.

A Detroit (the city itself suggests corruption) co-chair is a person of interest in an FBI bribery investigation:

Meet Mormon Skunk John Rakolta

An Idaho Billionaire who is co-chair, who uses his billionaires to threaten and/or file frivolous lawsuits to shut down negative information on him and his multi-marketing (smells like ponzi) companies.

Meet Mormon, alledgely a "Ponzi Master" Frank Vandersloot

Typically people who finance millions into PACs and donate time to campaigns will get rewarded with government positions in the Cabinet, federal administrative posts that are political appointees, and judgeships even.

So are these two individuals, who are shady, who have questionable business dealings, the type of people that we want in a Mormon Oval Office?

Oh, Vandersloot is a billionaire Mormon cultist - not all cults dance in orange outfits selling flowers and books on street corners.

And John Rakolta, also a prominent Mormon in the Detroit area.

Are we starting to see a MORMON MAFIA in the making here?

If you aren't Mormon, watch out, the cult is on a strategic campaign to purchase our American Oval Office.

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