Thursday, February 16, 2012

Romney's Mormon Church Selling Guns to Felons & Pedophiles?

In this recent article it has been reported that one of the biggest sellers of guns over the internet, where background checks can be circumvented easily, is.....drum roll please.....Mitty Flipper Romney's Mormon Church.

Government agents applied and received 8 out of 12 purchases over the internet, where the agent indicated they would have problem with a background check.

Why would someone circumvent a background check?  Who can't get weapons?

Felons, most mentally-disturbed as determined by a judges order, wife beaters, kooks in general.

Why would a church sell guns to possible felons?  A Church?  We're not talking the Mafia here, we are talking a church.

One name:  David Koresh

Cults have many things in common.  Supreme Leader, end-of-times attitudes, stockpiling of food, ammunition, gasoline.

Get guns into the hands of all of it's members, and anyone else. After all, selling guns is a high profit venture.


Now the "excuse" that the Mormons will use is that the Mormon-owned company is only providing a listing service for weapons; the Mormons are'nt directly selling weapons.  Just like Craigslist wasn't into prostitution or sex trafficing; Craigslist was only providing a listing service.

Many newspapers across the country allow weapons to be listed for sale, many websites connected to news papers.  However, a thousand pistols, and one thousand rifles is far outside of the norm for just being a listing service.

Again, what would be the Mormon's motivation:  to get firearms into the hands of kooks.  Cults fear government intrusion and cults love accumulating weapons arsenals.

Romney is a very prominent Mormon, his father was a Stake President and a Patriarch. 

Does Romney know of this?  More than likely.

So Romney's Mormon cult will sell handguns to convicted child molesters, bank robbers, pedophiles, murderers, rapists, drug dealers, etc.

There is only one reason to sell weapons without a background check, well a few: 

Money - profits, profits, profits. 

Lack of morals - would you give a gun to convicted felon in your neighborhood?

Cults need to be fully armed, and cults usually have some shady characters for their dirty work.

Disgusting Romney, disgusting.

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