Sunday, February 19, 2012

Romney Uses Threats Of Lawsuit To Erase Arrest

Romney Threaten Lawsuit To Make Arrest Be Erased

I am not comfortable with some rich brat when he gets caught doing the nasty, buys his way out of the court system.

As in interesting note of his character, Romney portrays a squeaky clean, missionary-only sex, but only to procreate, persona, but when he was the Flagship Mormon Conqueror of the Salt Lake Olympics, Romney used profanity to address our First Responders who were handling a traffic backup.

From Nixon this is expected, but from squeaky clean Mormon Romney?  What is this devil's true self?  Does Mormon Romney know his true self.

Kind of expect to see some sexting pic of Mr Romney any day now slapping the back end of Mrs. Romney while pulling back on her hair and doing her from behind.  Actually wonder if the Utah Prophet is holding the camera and then jumping in for a Mormon-approved threesome.  AND you thought those polygamists ONLY slept with ONE woman at a time.  YEAH, Right.

CORRECTION:  Republican Governor who are millionaires don't do non-Mormon sex with their wives; they hire thousand-dollar and hour call girls that would have Monson begging to come over for the party.

If some middle class worker did this same thing, using money to squash a case, it would be called bribery.  But when you have tons of money, you can file as many frivoulous lawsuits as you wish.

AND, this is still his current tactic too, one of his billionaire campaign financial wizards is Vandersloot, who likewise uses a rich-boy bully tactic of lawsuits to squash unflatterly things on his companies, his Mormon cult, and Romney.

 Salon writer Greenfield has an excellent article: Billionaire Romney Donor Uses Threats To Silence Critics.  I have referenced this article previously, but if you haven't read it already I reposted it here.

When people spend millions of their own personal funds to attempt to buy a job that only pays in the hundreds of thousands - that person can only recoup his investment, and Mormon Romney IS an INVESTOR, if he gets something monetary out of the Presidency.

Favorable tax laws for his Rich buddies, the same rich buddies responsible for the auto industry collapse, the Wall Street Collapse, the bank failures, high unemployment, out sourcing to foreign countries, low tariffs to bring in "American" products like Apple computers, which are made cheaper in China.

Opps.  Can't rag on China.  The Treasury Dept would be knocking on my door, after all China owns the U.S. gov't.  That is why food is tainted, and we still import.  Lead is found in paint on toys, and we still import.

Dogs don't bite the hands of the man that feeds them.

Or have we just as a Nation prostituted ourselves out, our kids out, our grandkids, great grandkids out to pay for the outrageous National Debt.

How much longer  until we go the way of Greece?  Greece is smaller, but in proportion to debt to GDP, we probably are very, very similar.

Lock the windows; the fired Federal workers will want to jump.

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