Saturday, February 11, 2012

Romney President off All-White Cougar Club at BYU

Susan Denton has a very information article at:  Romney And The White Horse Prophecy

While sitting out the Vietnam War on another deferment at BYU, while other less-rich Americans were wearing Olive Drab instead of Armani, Mormon Mitt Romney was the President of the All-White Cougar Club.  This All-White Cougar Club was almost exclusively all Returned Missionaries like Mitt himself - most like then draft ducker avoiding the war like Romney's elite class status allowed.

His years in the All-White Cougar Club allowed him to hone some of his political skills and to continue being indoctrinated in Mormon cultism.

The All-White Mormon Cougar Club believed that America was the Promised Land.  Sounds good?  Keep reading.

The All-White Mormon Cougar Club also believed that The Mormons were the Chosen People.

A former member of The All-White Mormon Cougar Club, who was a peer or Mormon Romney, says:

"The pious world of Brigham Young University is expected to spawn the man who would lead the Mormons into the White House and fulfil the prophecies of ...Joseph Smith,  Jr..."

Included in these Mormon Prophecies is what is known as The White Horse Prophecy.  Joseph Smith believed the United States would be in such peril that the Mormons are the only ones that can rescue the Constitution as well as America by achieving a Mormon Theocracy.

The White Horse Prophecy is controversial in that no written copy of the text from Joe exists, but The White Horse Prophecy is quoted by many Mormon Cult leaders.

Or as Brigham Bigot Young says:

"...when the Constitution of the United States, hangs, as if it were, by a single thread, they (American people, gentiles, non-Mormons) will have to call for the 'Mormon Elders' to save it from utter destruction, and they will step forth and do it."  A Discourse by President Brigham Young, delivered in the Tabernacle, Great Salt Lake City, Feb 18, 1855, Vol 2, p 182.

All Mormons believe in the Pre-existence, and many believe that in the Mormon Pre-existance Mitt Romney was chosen, "crowned", pre-ordained to become the first Mormon President of the United States.  As such, with Joe's prophecies, and the pre-existance coronation of Mitt as President, you can see why the Mormon Cult is tailoring it's image the a barrage of TV and radio ads announcing that "you Mormon neighbors."

Subtle indoctrination of the American people.  Repeated claims that there is no religious test for office - you are correct, the Constitution will not allow us to the say the President MUST be christian, or MUST NOT be Muslim.  The Constitution does not say that the American people to vote against you because you haven't come out and discussed how your Mormon faith will affect your decisions.

You can't separate Mormon theology from politics. You have taken too many oaths and vows that says you follow the Mormon Prophet blindly, without question, which you have demonstrated that you do.

You  never questioned why you are better than blacks?

Why can blacks fight and die in the mud of Vietnam why Whites, especially rich Whites are partying in college, maybe running from a girlfriend with a pregnancy announcement.  But that isn't bullets Mitt.

Why were you President of an All-White Cougar Club at the 1% black Bigot Young University.

Do not vote for a Mormon Puppet/Parrot to enter the Oval Office.

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