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Romney Mistaken On Religious Test For Office

Mormon Mitty Flipper Romney is working hard at spinning the religious test clause inside out.  Let us look at Article VI, Paragraph 3 to the United States Constitution, which reads in part:

" religious test shall ever be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the United States."

This clause has been interpreted to mean that a candidate for office is "not required to follow any religious belief.

Does the Constitution require voters to FORGET about a candidate's religious affiliation or lack of religious affiliation? 

Or does the Constitution state that the qualification of any office will not have a religious requirement?

The answer is likewise right in the United States Constitution, in two parts.

Article 2, Section II of the Constitution has few requirements: a natural born U.S. citizen, at least 35 years old, and has lived in the United States  as a resident for at least 14 years.

Then we go to the FDR Amendment, as I call it.  A President can serve no more than two years.  However, if he takes over for a President and has served more than two years, he can only be elected to office once.  (In theory, someone could be President for just under ten years).

Did you see a requirement for religious affiliation?

No, not one. 

So what is Mitty boy talking about?

Mitty Flipper Romney knows full well that as a cult member he has an uphill battle to win the Oval Office.  The first battle is to convince people that it is "unconstitutional" to hold his cult against him.

Sorry, but here is the truth: 

Most American voters are uneducated in politics, and believe who ever talks the best crap.  (That's French for shit). 

American voters also have a short-term memory that doesn't remember very well past the last six months.

Finally, most Americans are one issue voters.

The latter item is what Romney wants to control:  The one issue voter. 

If Romney can lay down a smoke screen over his Mormonism, and get American voters to harp on some other single issue, he will spin his campaign to win their votes.  Then blame Congress when he can't fulfill on any promises.

How mad is Flipper? 

During a debate when asked about if a candidate's faith should be a factor for the voters, Romney was smoking from his pointy devil ears:

"That idea that we should choose between people based upon their religion for public office is what I find to be most troubling....the founders of this country went to great lengths to make sure that we would not choose people who represent us in government based upon their religion."  (Sullivan)

But contrast that to the honesty of Rick Perry (and I'm not a Perry fan):

"I can no more remove my faith than I can that I'm the son of a tenant farmer.  The issue, are we going to be individuals who stand by our faith."  (Sullivan)

Romney keeps bringing up the comparison to John F Kennedy and the Catholic-Pope influence.

John F Kennedy, in a 1960 speech before the Houston Ministerial Association said:

"If this election is decided on the basis that forty million Americans lost their chance of being President on the day they were baptized, then it is the whole nation that will be the loser."  (Greenfield)

The Romney Mormons are good at spinning the Romney-Mormon-Prophet comparison with the Kennedy-Catholic-Pope.  There isn't a comparison, and Romney hopes the voters are uneducated in politics and believe who talks the best crap.

John F. Kennedy, born and raised in a Catholic home, attended church fairly often, most likely gave generous tithes to his Catholic Church.  There is no record of JFK having been ordained, or have been a deacon, or have been an elder, or have delivered sermons, or have blessed babies, or have counseled Catholics on matters of faith, listened to confessions, or have the power to excommunicate.

Simply put, JFK was a Catholic Pew-sitter, who paid very generous tithes.

Mormon Romney does not want us to hear that though.

Romney.  Let's talk about his father George. 

Press releases are quick to list his father's accomplishment of being a Stake President, and a Patriarch.

Mitty, we know he dodged the Vietnam War, which he supported, and went on an extended missionary assignment to France.  (All the while poor inner city youths were being shot at in Romney's place while he was busy knocking on doors of French women).

Mitty rose to the ranks of Bishop and Stake President.  Stake Presidents have the equivalent responsibilities of a Catholic Archbishop.  Romney had the power to excommunicate members - through a committee, but he had the power to excommunicate.

Mitty could take counsel on church members, know the individual families, who needed medical assistance, who needed physical help (such as elderly needing help raking leaves and shoveling snow).

Mitty as a Bishop and Stake President shaped his Mormon Church's programs.

All these things JFK did not do; JFK was a pew-sitter. 

Now pew-sitters aren't bad, in any church there are religious/spiritual leaders and followers (pew-sitters). 

Most people are pew sitters.

But you can't compare a pew-sitter to an Archbishop, except to say they attended church at the same time, and were facing in different directions (one on the altar, one in the pews).

Can we as Americans hold Romney's Mormonism against him?


Based on how much we as voters think his faith will dictate his decisions, and if we feel his church leaders might wield undue influence over him.

I wouldn't have a problem with Huntsman if he stayed in.  I don't like Mormons, but Huntsman didn't have the indoctrination level that Flipper was exposed to.

Romney is set to follow in his father's footsteps. 

Why does he want the Oval Office so bad?

White Horse Prophecy.

Tweek the Constitution just a bit.

Only a Mormon can ride in a save the Nation (from the Oval Office).

Mormons are a dangerous cult.  They look nice in suits and ties, but they see Mitt Romney fulfilling prophecy.

Listen to the anger in Romney's words:

"Let me assure you that no authorities of my church,or of any other church for that matter, will ever exert influence on presidential decisions.  Their authority is theirs, within the province of church affairs, and it ends where the affairs of the nation begin." (Greenfield)

Can you believe Romney?  This comes from the son of a Mormon Apostle, himself a former "archbishop" of a cult that:

  • Baptizes the Jewish victims of the Holocaust in Mormon Temple ceremonies, even after telling the Jewish people that the Mormons would stop, this practice continues.
  • Baptizes Hitler and Mengele in Mormon Temple ceremonies, now the Jewish Holocaust victims are in the same "club" with the two Nazis that murdered the six million Jews.
  • Organized a political campaign from within the Mormon cult to raise money and fight the same-sex marriage law in California.
  • Has not come clean on it's racist policies as to why no blacks or hispanics are qualified to be in the Quorum of the Twelve WHITE Apostles.
  • Has not rescinded a previous prophets directive that mexicans should marry mexicans, and whites should marry whites - mixed marriages are considered sinful.
As a former archbishop, are we to believe that Mitty Flipper Romney won't bring these Mormon prejudices and morals into office?

I believe Rick Perry:  "I can no more remove my faith than I can that I'm the son of a tenant farmer."

That was an honest answer.  A person's religious convictions make the man, or woman, makes their morals, makes the President.

Yes America, you can vote against Romney because he is a Mormon.

It is NOT unconstitutional, in fact, it is your responsibility to evaluate the man, and religion makes the man.

You don't need another reason, being Mormon is a good enough reason to vote Romney back to Boston.


Greenfield, Jeff,  "A Religious Test For President", June 27, 2011

Sullivan, Amy,, "The De Facto Military Test In Presidential Politics", Oct 21,2011

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