Monday, February 27, 2012

A "Rich Friend" of Romney's Leaves 1% Tip To Working Waitress

A Romney 1% Insults Waitress with 1% Tip of $1.33

Maybe it is time to run the 1% out of town, and out of the country.

Now the 1% snobs are insulting working class folks.

Does he realize that the laws supported by 1% restaurant owners allows those receiving tips to work for less than minimum wage.

So if the 1% can break laws, and be snobby, what should the 99% do?

First - Don't vote for snobby Mormon Mitty Romney.  This 1% is a rich buddy made makes them peers.

Their attitudes for the poor are identical.

Vote against rich snobs - vote against Romney.

His money is off-shore in protected foreign accounts anyways.

1 comment:

  1. Although now "proven" to be a hoax, it does show the typical ROMNEY attitude towards the poor, and those who work for a living.

    If it didn't happen - it could have happened.

    Rich snobby Romney