Monday, February 6, 2012

Mormons Wouldn't Allow Suze Ormond To Be Married If Flipper Has His Way

I personally don't care is someone if straight, gay, lesbian or transgender.  It doesn't harm me.

And contrary to Boyd Homophobe Packer suggesting that violence against gays is an option, gays aren't out to turn the world into all LBGT.

Really Mormons, you think your history of being bullied in the 1800s would make you more tolerant of those who don't think EXACTLY as you do.

But back to Suze Orman.

I was watching Piers Morgan last night with Suze Orman.

I never knew she was a Lesbian.

I never knew she was married to what, another lesbian.

Guess she and her partner Kathy Travis won't be on the guest list to the Mormon White House.

Forget that Suze Orman is:

  • On Forbes 2010 list of the 100 Most Powerful Women.
  • On Times 2008 and 2009 Times Magazine's list of the 100 Most Influential People.
Financially successful.

Well liked, especially when it comes to asking for financial advice on credit cards, mortgages, student loans, whatever.


She is a lesbian - -

She is a MARRIED lesbian.

That is why Flipper's main priority is to pass a Constitutional Amendment to ban same sex marriage.

Not to fix the economy first.

Not to create jobs first.

Not to end the military buildup and wars first.

Let's ban same sex marriage.

Flipper - why do the LGBT community threaten you so much?

If Boyd Packer was 'hit on' by a gay man - yea, who would want that old goat - but in the Fairy Land in Packer's head, he'd "floor" the gay guy.


If a man hits on a woman in a bar, does she say no, drop dead, yeah right, OK, where, your place or mine?  Or does she use the Mormon tactic and "floor" the man for hitting on her?

If a gay man or lesbian woman approaches a straight man or woman, and "hits" on them, you just say no thanks.  Some would do the courtesy lie - "no thanks, I'm married/engaged."  And that's the end of the conversation.

If you listen to the homophobe rantings of Packer, who is a Mentor of Flipper, then you somehow think that the LGBT is out there with lassos to round up all the straight men/women to turn them gay and lesbians.

Hasn't the experience of your anti-Gay Evergreen Int'l proven that you can neither pray the gay away, for the reverse force a straight man gay?

What is morally wrong with Suze Orman?

If Flipper has his way to the White House, and has his way at getting the Same Sex Marriage Constitutional Amendment passed - people in the future, good, tax paying people, like Suze Orman and her partner Kathy Travis wouldn't be able to marry in the United States.

And, while Suze Orman went to South Africa to get married in 2010, what would the Constitutional Amendment proposed by Flipper do to same-sex couples in the United States - strip them of all their rights as either married or civil union couples?  Prohibit the partner from coming into ICU/ERs because they are not immediate family?  Prohibit their use of health benefits of their partner's employee?

There are just too, too many dangers to electing an EWBOC member of the exclusive Mormon Church into the White House.

A Mormon America?

Vote No For Flipper.
  • If a gay  man came on to Boyd Packer, he'd turn around and "floor" the "homo."

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