Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mormons Kill Innocent Civilians at Mountain Meadows

Historical review of how a group of Mormons tricked wagon trail travelers under the flag of truce, then disquised as Indians, hoping to fool the United States to believe that the Indians were to blame.  Mormon theology, pass the blame to somebody else, just at all cost, protect the prophet.

We don't want a modern day My Lai on our hands.  The Mormon Prophet controls the Mormons like puppets, and if the Prophet told Mitty Flipper Romney that a village in a country needs to be 'cleansed', as a good little Mormon he would send in the Marines.  It is scary to think that the President of the United States can be controlled by the Mormon Prophet.

Wounded Knee - a National embarrassment.  The full story of the Mountain Meadows Massacre will never be revealed, nor will the role of Brigham Bigot Young be disclosed - either before or after, he WAS at least an accomplice.

There were two trials in an attempt to prosecute and execute a scapegoat to appease the United States government.  The first jury was a mix of Mormon and Non-Mormon - you guessed it a hung jury.  So a full Mormon jury was selected and a guilty verdict as announced, and only one man would have to be punished to satisfy the United States government.

Common sense would hold that Brigham Bigot Young orchestrated a full Mormon jury to squash any more investigation into his own role in the massacre.  I know, Brigham Bigot Young went up to the temple, received word from his God - Lee must die, Lee is the fall guy, make him the sacrificial lamb.  Thank you Lord, I understand and will comply.

That we know that as a high ranking Mormon, Mitty Flipper Romney belongs to the Elite White Boys Club.  He has sustained that the Prophet is THE PROPHET.  He has sustained that he will understand and will comply with THE PROPHET because the prophet received guidance directly from GOD.

Can we afford to have a Mormon Prophet influencing a President of the United States?

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