Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mormons Baptize The Holocaust Victims In Mormon Ceremonies

Mormons Baptise The Dead Of The Jewish Holocaust

Mitty Flipper Romney's father was a Stake President - a high mucky-muck in the Mormon Cult.

Mitty Flipper Romney himself was a Stake President also.

The events outlined in this linked article show that MORMONs are committed to converting everyone into the cult.

Without permission of their living family members, the Mormon Cult of Romney began a campaign to baptize as many of the six million victims of the Holocaust as it could find biographical information on - pretty easy with several Holocaust museums to datamine.

The Mormon Cult was caught, made a pinky promise not to do it again, but apparently had their fingers crossed, and started the practice again.

The Mormon Cult believes that the only way to get to heaven is via baptism, either in person like most churches with the practice, or by the Mormon Cult's practice of proxy baptism where someone stands in the place of the dead to get the water immersion baptism.

This isn't just a crime against the Jewish dead.  Mormon cultists are obsessed with cataloging all the dead of the world, not just the ancestors of the Mormons.  Catholics, and I suspect that already the Mormons have proxy baptized all the dead Popes into Mormonism, Martin Luther (the Lutheran Founder) and other historical non-Mormons as well.

With the current backlash against the Tele-bigmouth Eddie Long and wrapping a Torah around himself, and annointing himself king, seems like the Jewish people are fair game in America - like I said, smells like 1939 Germany around here.

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