Friday, February 10, 2012

The Mormon Prophet's White Horse Prophecy - Mitty's Hero Joseph Smith

Same-sex Amendment to the United States Constitution would fulfil prophecy of Brigham Young, making Mitty Flipper Romney a hero to the Mormons for self-fulfillng a Mormon Cult prophecy:

"The present Constitution of the United States, with a few exceptions (banning same-sex marriage) of a trifling nature, is just as good as we want."  Brigham Young.

I can not do justice in summarizing this 3 minute video detailing Joseph Smith's White Horse Prophecy in how a Mormon leader will rise up to rescue the declining United States, turning the U.S. into a Mormon theocracy.

What the three minute video which shows how the White Horse Prophecy is not biblical, but rather demonic, that will take advantage of a spiritually bankrupt America to swoop in and turn us into a Mormon Zion.

Further discussion on the White Horse Prophecy.  Important points are quotes from Joseph Smith "The destiny of the nation will HANG UPON A SINGLE THREAD.  At this critical juncture this people (the Mormons) will step forth and save it from the threaatened destruction."

Brigham Young, also a Mormon prophet worshipped by Mitt Romney and the Mormons more than Joseph Smith - after all Brigham Young University honors this pro-slavery bigot with his name being embossed on it's university.  (What would one think of Jim Jones University and the graduates that would attend Jim Jones University?)

"When the Constitution of the United States HANGS UPON A SINGLE THREAD.  They (the American people) will have to call the MOR
MON Elders to save it."  Brigham Bigot Young.

"If the Constitution were saved at all it must be done by this people (the MORMONs)."  Brigham Bigot Young.

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