Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mormon Presidential Candidate Already Proposed Discriminating Against Gays and Lesbians

I hear Boyd Homophobe Packer all other this.

Mitty my need to have a Constitutional Amendment to ban these damn gay "fags" from marrying, and the "dykes" don't forget the dykes Mitty boy.

OK - I'll jump right on that, wouldn't want to be ex-communicated now, would I?

That's my boy, Good Mitty, Good Mitty.

You'll go far, just keep listening to the ELITE WHITE BOY ONLY CLUB and you might be an Apostle some day - too many in line for Prophet, but Apostle, yes, your reward awaits you here on earth.

Why else would a millionaire want to be President?

It is the equivalient of a burger-king fry-cook wages for an CEO of a corporation, and the GE CEO has better perks even, so why if not for the religious agenda.

Why does a multimillionaire WANT the presidency?

NOW WE KNOW - to PUSH the MORMON agenda.

To Mormonize America.

Didn't this happen in 1939 Germany?  Is history repeating itself?

Will the gays, lesbians, transexuals and bisexuals be rounded up? 

(A Hint for the Flipper, just go to Stamford Connecticut - the Jerry Springer Show - that would be a good start).  Hell, a Flipper Administration would put Jerry out of work.  I thought you were for creating jobs?
Will all the adulterers, drug addicts, prostitutes, and such be rounded up into concentration camp barracks again in the California desert where we housed the Japanese not too, too long ago?

Or will EVERGREEN INTERNATIONAL take over the camps?  Is Evergreen's director the new Rudolf Hoss?  (There are one or more members of the ELITE WHITE BOY ONLY CLUB on the Board of Trustees of Evergreen.)

Those Mormon war drums are beating, The ELITE WHITE BOY ONLY CLUB can taste the Oval Office.

Watch out, your vote counts.  Remember what happened after 1939 when people really didn't care who won, they voted for the guy with the best charismatic, rhetoric.  And the rest - as they say - was history.

What other Constitutional Amendments are forthcoming from the Mormon prophet to Romney for proposal?  State recognized MORMON religion?  Repeal of the Civil Rights Acts?  Repeal of the Voting Rights Act?

There is a storm brewing, the dark clouds are over the horizon, as I reflect on Galatians 1:6-10 NKJV.

Mitt Romney Proposes Constitutional Amendment

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