Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Mormon Bishop Who Doesn't Blindly Follow The Pied Piper

Mitt Romney when asked is homosexuality is a sin, becomes stupid all of sudden.  As a Presidential Candidate he no longer remembers his Seminary training, Missionary training, Bishopric training, and Stake Presidency training.

Mitty Flipper Romney knows full well that if he were to say that homosexuality is a sin, like the Mormon God professes, via the Mormon Prophet, he would lose the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender vote, so he defers to the church.

We are supposed to believe that Romney doesn't know homosexuality is a sin in his cult.  I guess the Prophet uses one of those magical mind erasers that we saw in Men In Black.

Watch Mitt Flipper be hammered by Piers Morgan on if Homosexuality is a Sin:  Advance the video to 3:30 to watch him stumble.  He had no opinion - I'm just a Parrot and I didn't get my cracker today.

The embedded YouTube video is controversial.  This is another example that seeing it unedited lets you decide.

On November 6, 2011, Mormon Bishop Kevin Kloosterman, Bishop of the Sycamore Ward, of the Rockville Illinois Stake of the Mormon Church, attended the "Circling The Wagons" conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

The controversy is whether Bishop Kloosterman acknowledges that the Mormon Church has unjustly treated the LGBT community.

It's easier for you to listen to the 10 minute broadcast.

One thing I noticed about the talk was no reference to The Book of  Mormon, and when he closed the talk, he closed by acknowledging that Jesus is the Christ, and that the straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual and queers are all children of our Father in heaven.  Absence any Book of Mormon is true, Joe was a prophet, ya da ya da ya da.

Listen for:

1.   The disclaimer - he can't speak for the Mormon cult, but he can speak his own mind (which Romney as a Stake President doesn't speak his own mind, he follows blindly the Prophet).  But he is speaking that the Church is  wrong in treating the LGBT community.

2.  He had a change of heart after hearing about three LGBT members were attacked in Utah, and he couldn't be like a Levite/Priest, and just walk by someone in need - the Good Samaritan scenario; he stopped to help.

3.  "...straight members of the church have a lot to repent for..."  "repent is a change of heart."  That the church needs to repent, make restitution, and move on to healing.

4.  He acknowledges that this will take time.  What I call "baby-steps."

Both sides have used this speech to support their position, although I don't see how it can be made to say the Mormon church is right in excluding gays; unless you do some magic editing.

BUT, this is the type of Mormon that the Mormon cult needs to cultivate for political office. This Bishop stated publicly, in a forum clearly opposed to the church's LGBT treatment, that while he can't speak for the church, he can speak for himself, and the church needs to repent.

HINT:  You only repent if you have done someone or something wrong.

Watch what happens when a blind lamb all of sudden can see.  (Amazing Grace in action).  This Mormon member does not follow the Mormon line, and once his speech goes against the Mormon Prophet, dare one question the Divine Leader, the microphone gets shut down, and the Bishopric steps up to cut him off.

This is ROMNEY.  If his actions in the Oval Office go contrary to the Mormon Prophet, the BatPhone will ring, and he will be told to follow, or be excommunicated. Remember the pregnant girl?

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