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Mitty's Church Utilizes The Mormon Hierarchy Of Racism

We can argue from dusk to dawn - especially since I'm a chronic insomniac - about yes it is, no it isn't, so instead let us LOOK at the Mormon Church's own website.

As any organization grows it needs "new meat" at the bottom to keep growing.  The U.S. military uses recruiters to bring in new recruits.  Courts generally, hire lawyers straight out of law school to clerk for a judge, and then move up ranks into a judgeship eventually.  And churches, not just the Mormon Church, need to constantly seek out new members too.

Is it a bad thing?  Not always.

When it gets bad if new members are only brought in as "meat."  We will just use the African American example since it is clearly visible.

The Mormon Church has been allowing African Americans to be members of the church since before the Civil War.  In fact, some sources which don't cite references, state that prior to the Civil War African American MEN were sometimes allowed to be ordained.

I personally find that hard to believe, for when supposedly Lincoln was fighting to free slaves (history really says to force the confederate states back into the nation; slavery was a secondary action).  So while slaves were being free, it would seem really pathetic for the Mormon Church to then say "sorry, you are not white enough for priesthood."

We KNOW that the Mormon Church succumbed to pressure, and it's prophet at the time took his lonely walk up into the temple, and the Lord our God said "Come on bud, this is the 70s, get with it, allow Blacks to have priesthood - but just don't let it go to their heads.  This is still an Elite White Boy  Only Club up here at the top."

So we KNOW that in 1978 GOD said that FINALLY African Americans are worthly enough for the priesthood.  That is African American MALES are worthly of the priesthood.

NOW, let us skip to 2012. 

It has been 34 years since the first African American has been ordained in the Mormon Church.

Back to the pyramid. 

Mr. First African American Male is at the bottom as a convert.  Even if he were a second generation African American MALE Mormon, he would never be expected to enter the 2nd Generation(+) Mormon.

The bottom of the pyramid can be an awkward experience.  There is a lot of internal "discrimination" against converts.

For on one hand, new converts are needed to keep the pyramid stable.  But the generational Mormons don't all see it that way.

What 2nd Generation(+) see, well to be honest, what "some" of the 2Gs see is converts who haven't gone through four years of Seminary, waking up early every morning before school to attend seminary before heading off the High School.  They see converts as someone who thinks "they" can skip a step and still be equal to "them," but never can be.  So converts aren't asked to give talks as often, if at all, when compared to 2gs - and it doesn't matter if the convert was in the church a year, or five years.

My personal experience, in four years in the Mormon Church I have given one "manditory" talk within ninety days of baptism, four years later, I was asked to pick a Christmas Hymn I was inspired by, and introduce the hymn - along with several other people.

Meanwhile, over the years, some of the same people rotated up to the podium.  Not that all were great speakers, or even memorable talks.  But you know when you are put in your place, and made to feel unwanted.  I can't even imagine how I would feel if I was black?

The second level of the pyramid is exclusively for at least 2nd Generation(+) White, Male, highly educated, financially stable Mormons.

The top of the Pyramid is the domain of "largely" Pioneer Families.  These are the Mormons who can trace their roots to usually the Hand Cart pioneers, some would include those who arrived as Salt Lake was still in its infancy.  As the ranks thin out, non-pioneer families are invited into this circle.

Let us look at the First Presidency. 

Just a quick check on the Mormon Church website, wikipedia, and other sources, and you can see that this is exclusively a WHITE, MALE, multi-generational Mormon, highly educated, financially stable.

Is this a bad thing?

34 years? 

In thirty four years the Mormon Church has not found even ONE African American MALE to be qualified for the First Presidency.

So you argue that it is a numbers thing, it is only three, with very long terms, so there isn't a lot of turrnover.

OK, skip that.

Let us look at the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

From 2002 until now, there have been four openings on the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

Out of the entire membership of the Mormons.  Is there not even one AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE, who has achieved a high education (Masters or equivalent - Doctor, Lawyer, etc), and financially stable (has invested well with 401K,IRA, or has a good pension for his family to survive while he does church work). 

Is there NOT ONE?

The Mormon Church has allowed African Americans to have the priesthood since 1978, it has been 34 years, and NOT ONE is qualified, educated enough, financially stable, or maybe just not WHITE enough?

What kind of organization keeps a specific "group" as it's inner circle?

The word CULT comes up - that is a much bigger topic to discuss though.

So, African Americans CAN NEVER achieve a position in the First Presidency, CAN NEVER achieve a position in the Quorum of Twelve Apostles. 

BUT there is some hope for a few "token" positions in the Seventy.

I had a short-lived experience with Multi-Level Marketing, and in the group I was in "crumb crunchers" come to mind. 

Crumb Crunchers are those those hide under the banquet table of the Kings and Queens and lives off the scraps that fall to the floor; or in modern application - crumb crunchers are like cock roaches - they are there, they pick up scraps of information, but they are still a nuisance, they weren't really invited to the banquet, but they find their way in anyways. 

These "token" positions throw to non-WHITE Mormons takes away a position from an EWBOC member.  Buy hey, for appearances, it has to be done.

So why are African Americans recruited, or for that matter why are any non-Mormon approached by their Missionaries and recruited to join an organization that has a culture that says "You will never be good enough to make it to the top, we just need your tithings to keep this ship rockin'.  We need your body to physically help us do our work on the earth.  But for the top leadership - Please, you are neither White enough, nor Mormon enough, so don't try."

I did not forget the ELITE WHITE BOY ONLY CLUB.  The EWBOC is where our Presidential-candidate hopeful, Mitty Flipper Romney is located.  The EWBOC are those Mormons who have:
  1. Have been born into the church - at least a second generation Mormon.
  2. The obvious - WHITE and MALE.
  3. Highly Educated.
  4. A Dedicated Tither.
  5. Unquestionable Loyalty.  (Go to 1939 Germany and see what happens with unquestionable loyalty - Simon says)

The EWBOC is generally the ones that are tagged to be Bishops and Stake Presidents before looking down into the Converts of the Church.  Yes, their have been many instances of converts rising to the ranks of Bishop, and maybe even Stake Presidents.  BUT they weren't members of the inner circle of the ELITE WHITE BOY ONLY CLUB.

This EWBOC is the danger to electing a Mormon President. 

We have already seen that as a Bishop, Flipper had no problem with threatening an unwedded, pregnant girl with excommunication if she didn't give the baby up for adoption.

So this inner circle, the First Presidency, and the Quorum of Twelve Apostles, these 15 WHITE MEN become Flipper's Mentors while/if he takes the White House.

I won't get into specifics -but look at the diversity of the Supreme Court since 1978. Same terms - life time terms - same initial problem it used to be exclusively white males.  Look at the Presidential Cabinet - used to be exclusively male, and exclusively white - OK, four year terms, but look at the diversity of both of those structures now - White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, Men, Women.  Shortly we are due for Gay and Lesbian too.

Why can't diversity come into the Quorum of Twelve Apostles? Because somebody  doesn't want diversity.  So do we want a President who belongs high up in this racist organization?

Flipper - for the good of the church, VETO this BILL or we excommunicate you.

Flipper - for the good of the church sign that bill into law, or we excommunicate you.

Can we take the chance of having a bigotted, racist organization of stuffy old White Men control the Presidency of the United States?

All you New World Order conspiracy fanatics - maybe this is what you were looking for.

Is it being Anti-American to vote against Romney because he is Mormon. 

He is a MORMON, he is in the Elite White Boy Only Club.

Are we being Anti-Mormon? 

NO - we are saying we don't want the Mormon Church, which has demonstrated, along with Flipper himself as a Bishop, to threaten a member with excommunication if they don't comply. 

I don't see Flipper risking excommunication, so the Mormon Church would have an exclusive hold on a President, have an exclusive way of submitting names of acceptable EWBOC members for placement on the Supreme Court, and other Presidential appointments that affect the American way of life.

Unfortunately come November we all will have a hard choice to make. 

We will have to decide among which person is less evil - Obama or Flipper.

I'm not an Obama fan; but given a choice of Obama versus Flipper - Obama is a known product. 

We know what damage he can do in the next four years, based on his last four years.

The Flipper campaign has tried to de-Mormonize Flipper as best as it can, but beware of wolves in sheep clothing.  The EWBOC has even removed from racist remarks from it's online version of The Book of Mormon - probably the next print edition too.  Making Mormons appear less racist.


A Vote for Flipper is a vote for the Elite White Boy Only Club.

Racism - throw the African Americans a bone - let them have the Priesthood.

BUT, the Mormon Church will not allow African American into the top of the pyramid.

That's racism by default. 

While it is not the back of the bus, it is the bottom of the bus.  (But I'm White, Community College educated, not financially stable - so there is plenty of room at the bottom of the bus).

The Mormon Church has made no progress towards racial equally since 1978.  We don't need that kind of leadership in the Oval Office.


No where have we talked about women being ordained.  No where are there women in the major leadership roles - they have been give the Relief Society, they just aren't good enough for priesthood.

Excluding Paul, because I think Paul was bipolar.  Some times his writings are in harmony with Christ's teachings; sometimes Paul goes off the deep end - women and homosexuals specifically.

Nowhere in the four gospels has Jesus talked about excluding women from the priesthood.  Thanks to Dan Brown the world has heard of Mary Magdalene - the Catholic Church "turned" her into a prostitute to take the "power" away from her, and the women that were being to follow her.  She WAS a disciple of Jesus, she was with him often as the Gospels reveal.

Jesus never even talked about homosexuals.  But adultery could be applied if we must.

Paul spoke out against homosexuality.  I suspect that much like the Boyd Homophobe Packer, he encountered a homosexual who made a pass at him, or was offered a boy - it was an acceptable practice in the Roman/Greek culture at the time.

Pauline Christology IS NOT Jesus Christ's Christology.

The four gospels give us much insight into Christ's teachings.

When Paul's bipolar wasn't too bad he wrote in Galatians 1:6-10 NKJV

6.  I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the Grace of Christ, to a different gospel.

7.  Which is not another, but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ.

8.  But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than that what we have preached to you, let him be accursed.

9.  As we have said before, so now I say again, if anyone preaches any other gospel to you than what you have received, let him be accursed.

10.  For do I now persuade men, or God?  Or do I seek to please men?  For if I still pleased men, I would not be a bondservant of Christ.

Makes you think for a minute where The Book of Mormon came from.  "But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you......let him be accursed."

The Book of Mormon was delivered to Joseph Smith Jr. via the Angel Moroni.

Brings up that age old question.

Are Mormons Christians?

Is Mormonism a cult?

Do we want a cult leader in the Oval Office, or even a President who has mentors that our cult members?

More is at stake than just voting Republican or Democrat - this election will be about voting for the lesser of two evils.

How much control of the Oval Office do we want the ELITE WHITE BOY ONLY CLUB to have?

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