Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mitt Romney From His Own Mouth

Romney wants to expand GITMO, wants to be able to bug churches, mosques and synagouges.  Are we willing to lose our Civil Liberties and allow America's FBI to become the New World Gestapo?

Good old Abe Lincoln, who is a hero in history only because he was assassinated.  If he would have lived the Union hated his embrace the South, bring them back into the Union, reconstruction - many Northerners wanted severe repercussions, executions or imprisonments of the Confederate officer and political leaders.  But he died, so he is a hero.

But what Lincoln did was suspend Habeous Corpous as necessary, suspend Civil Rights during time of war.  The Supreme Court later ruled that action Unconstitutional. Romney feels like Lincoln, for the cause of the war, capture, imprison without trial, secret wiretaps of all suspected enemies of the state, the Mormon Church and the Republican Party.  Once started, a train is hard to stop.

Is this 1939 Germany?  Are we reliving history instead of learning from history?

"It ain't me, it ain't me,I'm a millionaires son"  Draft ducker Millionaire's son, Mitty Romney rode out the Vietnam War knocking on doors 'Have you heard about The Book of Mormon."  The danger of doors slamming in your face is just as bad I guess as mortar attacks, artillery, booby traps, machine gun fire, poisonous snakes and insects, and friendly fire.  We are so proud of our Mitty boy, what a great American you are, let some poor inner city youth fight and die in your Rich boy's place.

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