Saturday, February 4, 2012

Is MItty Flipper Romney A Good Puppet for Utah or what?

How To Interview Mitt Romney On Racism

"Romney then extols his family credentials on the question of racism (some of which has been refuted) with a recounting of his own emotion at hearing of the change:

“I can remember when I heard about the change being made…I heard it on the radio, and I pulled over and literally wept. Um, even at this day it’s emotional.”

Mormons have learned how to talk about this issue to avoid deeper analysis. The language Romney uses is of a form that is common in the Church. For comparison, note the following, taken from an interview of Church Apostle Jeffrey Holland for the 2007 PBS Documentary “The Mormons” when asked the same question:

“I can remember exactly where I was…I started to cry, and I was absolutely uncontrollable. I felt my way to a chair … and I sort of slumped from the doorway into the chair and held my head, my face in my hands and sobbed.”

It’s important to note I am not questioning the emotional experience. As a young LDS boy, I remember feeling similar emotions."
- - - End of Quote - - -

I hear the conversation clearly, Boyd Packer, the homophobe of the Quorum, and the mentor of Mitty Flipper Romney as President of the Quorum, would be discussing with Mitty his Mormon Church approved policy.

"I can remember," "I sobbed" - - make sure you use those terms.  Feel like you felt like a heavy weight has been lifted from you when you heard.

Got it Mitty Boy - - don't try to add anything on your own, you'll screw it up, and earn the name Flipper.

Be a Good Mormon, and do as we say, or we excommunicate you. 

"I remember the lesson, remember the pregnant girl I threatened with excommunication if she didn't place her devil child up for adoption."

What does Boyd Homophobe Packer feel about racism?  women's rights? diversity (affirmative action is not in vogue any longer).

Is not unreasonable to believe that Boyd Homophobe Packer, as President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles would be calling up Mitty Flipper Romney often, issuing directions from Salt Lake:

  1. What Mormons to submit for Federal Judge and Supreme Court Appointments.
  2. Which legislation that the Mormon church wants vetoed or signed into law.
  3. Why lack of diversity to have on the Mormon President's Cabinet.
As a side note - as a draft dodger, some would say it was correctly draft ducker, either way, for someone Pro-Vietnam, he used his family's influence to get a deferment while serving a mission for a 30 month excursion in France, the a college deferment when he returned, effectively allowing many hundreds of inner city poor young men to die in his place in Vietnam.

Can we afford a Mormon in the White House?
  • Anti-Gay Marriage, anti-gay in general.
  • Anti-Women's Rights.  (It IS after all an Elite White Boy Only Club).
  • Anti-Poor (That is Flipper's personal position, but as a Mormon in the White House watch out).
These talking points that Mitty Flipper Romney uses - how many Mormons have influenced his talking points?  Not the official staff, the "unofficial" contact through the Mormon Church.

I see more dangers to having a Mormon in the White House, especially with Mitty Flipper Romney, but IF WE MUST have a MORMON, let's vote for one that we know is definitely over the deep end:  Glenn WTF Beck!

Mormons - got to love 'em.

Don't have to vote for 'em.

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