Saturday, February 4, 2012

Introducing Mitty Flipper Romney's Exclusive White Boy Club

OK - First deep down the list there are the "where's Waldo" one token African American, two or three asian, maybe two hispanic - - but look at the mentors to Mitty Flipper Romney.  The First Presidency runs to church - if they gave Romney directions and he refused - like he was trained in telling the girl to give her baby up for adoption or get excommunicated - sign or don't sign legislation - would Mitty Flipper risk excommunication?  He learned that arm-twisting tactic from one of these mentors.

As a side note, remember the controversy that erupted with Gov Rick Perry, from Texas, was found to be a member of the elite, white only club, previously known as Niggerhead - most papers used only the n-word, but this attached article lists the real name.

Everyone was quick to jump on Perry for racism, and he spun he story that the name was whitewashed over, (ha, ha, it was just an inside joke....).  But because Mitty Flipper Romney's elite White Boy Club is a religious organization, everyone seems afraid to call him on it - but this blog entry details the dangers to our country when a prejudiced, anti-black, anti-gay Presidential candidate can take over the Oval Office.

Rick Perry N-WordHeadGate Controversy

Ta Dah!!! Introducing Mitty's Elite White Boy Club Membership

No diversity.  Most obviously it is strictly a men's only club.  All suits and ties - no skirts or slacks here.  Feminists think twice about the progress you have made since Susan B Anthony.

No diversity in color.  Especially in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles - can be compared loosely to the President's Cabinet in power.  The Mormon church, through outside pressure, gave in and allowed African Americans to be ordained and received the priesthood in 1978.

Do you mean to tell me that there are no African Americans that are qualified in the last 32 years to be elevated to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.  Lets just say the argument is they haven't been ordained long enough - OK, lets say the ones ordained in 1978, there were members that were African American that attended the church for years, just weren't white enough to be ordained, now in 1978 they are ordained, stay in the church and it is 22 years later (2000)- in 22 years the elite white boys couldn't find even ONE African American to be on the Quorum - there have been four openings since Oct 2004 - all Elite White Boys Only.

Do we, as a nation, want to set civil rights back to the 1930s?  Even further?  Taken away the right of women to vote?  Take away diversity in the make up the Cabinet?  What about the Supreme Court appointees?  Guess who Mitty Flipper Romney will appoint?  Dare Congress go in recess he would do more recess appointments than the Washington Post can keep track of.  Mormons - and WHITE Mormons to boot.

Imagine two or three Mormons on the Supreme Court.  Abortion - Rowe vs. Wade - GONE.  Diversity laws - GONE.  Blue Laws - probably reinstituted.  Women's rights set back how far?  Women's rights in divorce set back to the pre-1970s days.  What damage can Mitty Flipper Romney do once he gets the power to appoint Salt Lake recommended judges to the Supreme Court and Federal Courts.

Why is the Flipper trying so hard this campaign to keep the Mormon issue out of the campaign.  Last presidential campaign he thought it would help him, and gladly mentioned it as often as he could work it into the conversation.  Do you not think that this Elite White Boy Club strategized how to best get a devout Mormon into the White House, and that strategy was to lessen the exposure of the mention of the Elite White Boy Club.

Doubt me.  Look at the pics - these are the mentors that especially a Stake President listens to.  A Stake President reports to a General Authority.  Which ones of these Elite White Boys would be calling the White House every morning to give The Flipper advice and orders - or face excommunications like the girl who was pregnant and wouldn't give up the baby for adoption.

If Mitty Flipper Romney wasn't flipping his position so much this wouldn't be an issue.  Who is really running his campaign?  What messages from Utah are orchestrating the flips of The Flipper?  Mitty Flipper Romney flips on abortion, gay rights, civil unions, so many flips it makes you dizzy.

You would think Flipper would have won a Gold Medal at the Olympics for Flipping.

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