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How Does Mormon Senator Ornery Hatch Feel About Bullying Gays and Lesbians?

from: Orrin Hatch On Civil Rights
Voted NO on adding sexual orientation to definition of hate crimes.

Motion to Invoke Cloture on S. 625; Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act of 2001. The bill would expand the definition of hate crimes to incorporate acts committed because of a victim's sex, sexual orientation or disability and permit the federal government to help states prosecute hate crimes even if no federally protected action was implicated. If the cloture motion is agreed to, debate will be limited and a vote will occur. If the cloture motion is rejected debate could continue indefinitely and instead the bill is usually set aside. Hence a Yes vote supports the expansion of the definition of hate crimes, and a No vote keeps the existing definition. Three-fifths of the Senate, or 60 members, is required to invoke cloture.

Reference: Bill S.625 ; vote number 2002-147 on Jun 11, 2002

Mormon Senator Ornery Hatch doesn't believe that bullying and/or killing LGBT should be elevated to the level of a hate crime, and the additional punishments that come with hate crime convictions to beat up, maim or kill gays and lesbians.
  • Matthew Shepard - beaten and killed October 1998 for being just GAY near Laramie Wyoming..
  • Marcellus Andrews - beaten and killed August 2011 for being just GAY in Waterloo Iowa.
  • Danny Vega- beaten and killed November 2011 supposedly for being GAY in Seattle, Washington.
  • Victoria White - killed September 2011 for being discovered as being a transgender in Maplewood, New Jersey.
  • Angie Zapata killed in July 2008 after being discovered as being a transgender in Greeley Colorada.
  • Larry King - ONLY 15 Years old - shot and killed February 2008 in school for coming at being transgender, and dressing feminitely in Oxnard, California.
This list can go on and on and on.

Why does Mormon Senator Ornery Hatch approve of bullying Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and Transgenders?

OK, hey, we're sorry for your homophobia, every where you look you see Gay and Lesbians trying to get your George Clooney physique into bed.  Every man WANTs you to be HIS.

Grow up.  What's in the water in Utah anyways?

We are sorry that all of those years you served with Senator Foot Tapper, sitting on the throne in the stall next to his many times, and YOU never knew you shared the bathroom with a closeted gay that Foot Tapper turned out to be.

Hunting down and beating up, "flooring" the term like Homophobe Packer likes to use, and then sending out the White Male Missionaries to hunt down and floor the Gays - - I can see why you voted against this bill - - YOU BELIEVE IN BULLYING GAYS.

If you can't get them to pray the gay away.

Mormon leaders says to "floor" the gay away.

That is a HATE CRIME.

S.1105, known as the Matthew Shepard Local Law Enforcement Hate Crime Prevention Act of 2007 signed into law by President Obama WAS VOTED AGAINST by Mormon Ornery Hatch.  Maybe with Wyoming being so close to Utah, Boyd Homophobe Packer called up Ornery and said have we got your back on this - the Mormon Church needs this to be voted NO.

Afterall, Boyd Homophobe Packer would likely be guilty of instigating hate crimes against Gays and Lesbians whenever he speaks for the Mormon Church.

Why is Mormon Senator Ornery Hatch so afraid of Gays? 

Weren't he and fellow Republican Senator Larry Foot Tapper Craig good friends before Ornery realized he often shook Foot Tapper's hand after Foot Tapper was shaking something else - with or without possibly washing his hands first.

I was aware that you can catch being "gay" by shaking hands or sharing toilet seats in public bathrooms.

Well Mormon Senator Ornery sees Gays and Lesbians at every corner.  (He has apparently spent too much time around a fellow EWBOC member, Boyd Homophobe Packer). 

Gays and Lesbians are threatening the neighborhood.

Rallying cry of Ornery:  "The Gays are coming, The Gays are coming."

Is this level of paranoia good for a prominent politician?  But then a previous posts have shown on the facebook page, Utah has a disporportionate amount of residents on anti-depressants and anti-psychotics.

Gee, maybe something IS in the water.  Is Erin  Brockovich available?  Someone have her call Mormon Senator Ornery Hatch and get started on this.
Luckily Mormon Senator Ornery couldn't arm twist enough Senators to table or kill this bill before it managed to get to the Oval Office.  If the other Senators were Mormons, he could have used the excommunication threat to get this bill tabled.  But luckily for us, and for the LGBT community, there aren't too many Mormons in the Senate or the House.

We need to keep this Homophobia out of the White House, Supreme Court, Cabinet, Federal Courts.  Which means we need to keep Mormon Mitty Flipper Romney out of the White House.

Mitty Boy - if you want to serve your country, put on that uniform you refused conveniently for too many year during Vietnam, well we ask the Army Chief of Staff to sign a waiver for old age to get you into basic training, then go to Afghanistan.
Boyd Homophobe Packer - watch out.  We are listening for you to incite violence against gays again, watch out about suggesting your slavish followers to "floor them" when encountering gays.

This Elite White Boy Only Club is not representative of America.  We have seen how EWBOC member Mormon Senator Ornery Hatch feels about gays - "floor 'em", we have seen how EWBOC member Boyd Homophobe Packer feels about gays - "floor 'em", and these are peers and mentor of Mormon Mitty Flipper Romney.

America can not afford to have a racist, anti-feminist, homophobe in the Oval Office.

This is America, the Constitution gives Mormons the right to practice whatever witchcraft they elect to practice.  Mormons can discriminate against gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders.  Mormons can preach white supremacy in its top echelons of leadership -- just stick to our church property lines.

When the hatred of Mormonish spreads out into the community; the community has the right to respond in kind.

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