Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How Did Romney React To Boycotts Against Racism At BYU

Mormon Mitt Romney, is a racist, that is a known factor.  But in the linked Washington Post article there is a section that details Mitt's behavior towards boycotts of BYU athletics.

While Mormon Romney was attending a university named after a bigot, Bigot Brigham Young University, Mormon Romney was president of the all-white Cougar Club.

During the Civil Rights movements, certain colleges were protesting against Bigot Young because it's athletics departments were not inclusive.

The Cougar Club, unlike the Mormon Cult, was not a church position, so that Mormon Romney could have supported the efforts of other collegiates to boycott playing BYU teams.

What did Romney DO?  He raised money to fight those who wanted to darken the white student body of Bigot Young University.

Excerpt from article:

In October of that year, 14 black players lost their places on the University of Wyoming’s powerhouse football team for planning to wear black armbands in protest of the ban during their game against BYU. Stanford University, which Romney had previously attended, took the opposite stance, announcing at the end of 1969 that it would boycott athletic competitions with the church-owned university.

“I do remember Mitt being really angry with Stanford,” said Kim Cameron, a friend at the time. “He felt like it was, A, naive, and, B, sort of a bigoted, narrow-minded perspective.”
Do we want a bigot in the White House?
Do we want a Temple-Mormon as President who takes the names of the Jewish dead victims of the Holocaust and turns them into Mormons in secret Mormon Temple ceremony?  Desecrating the names of these dead Jewish victims, in a way no different than the Mormons just spray painting swastikas on the Jewish Headstones.
Mormon Discrimination of Blacks Explained By BYU Professor

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