Sunday, February 19, 2012

 Excerpt from Freedom Defense Advocates:

Romney’s penchant for lying -- or to be more charitable, his willingness to say what he thinks the crowd wants to hear -- is reflective of a deep character flaw. As Mike Huckabee asked, “If you aren't being honest in obtaining the job, can we trust you if you get the job?"

There is an incredible danger electing a man who belongs to a cult . . . because one hallmark of a cult is secrecy. Romney’s refusal to be upfront with the tenets of Mormonism is characteristic of the cult’s teachings. Since its inception its leaders have plunged headlong into pulling the wool over people’s eyes.

The American people must not be fooled by Romney’s slick campaign of smoke and mirrors. He is not a Christian. He is not pro-life. He is not a conservative.

The full article is available here:

This article covers some of the good variety of lies used constantly by Mormon Romney.

I bring you these articles to show you that it just isn't me that sees the devil in Mormon Romney.


  1. What happened to your blog no negro in the white house? Hatemongerer...

    1. Thank you Salt Lake City ISP for voicing an opinion.

      A blog is only needed to bring to light the Mormon misinformation, misclassification, and anti-gay bigotry of Romney and his Mormons.

      A religion so paranoid as Mormons are about gays and same-sex marriage, shows intolerance, and puts the Mormon cult in line with the cult of David Koresh and Jim Jones. A lunatic Supreme Leader, with low-self-esteem followers playing Mormon Simon Says.

    2. But now that you mentioned it, Mormons are probably really pissed that a Black Man is in the Oval Office as a leader, and not as a janitor.

      Mormons still won't find a qualified black man, that is educated enough, rich enough, faithful enough - - just not white enough to be a Mormon Apostle.

      It must really irritate Romney to have a black man sitting in the President's seat.

      Luckily Gov Perry said today he is preparing to run again in 2016 - which indicates he knows Romney will lose, since no one runs against their own Party.

    3. And if you find your New Testament, look up and read:

      Galatians - the whole first chapter.

      2 Timothy 4:2-5

      True Christians are COMMANDED to reproach, rebuke, convince false prophets, false gospels, false "christians." This blog fulfills that calling.